Questions to ask an Aviation lawyer before hiring them

It is dreadful for any person to suffer a plane or helicopter accident. Aviation accidents can be devastating for families and victims. However, these unfortunate plane or helicopter accidents are inevitable and can occur sometimes. So what should one do when they or their family members are victims of an aviation accident? Hiring an experienced… Read More

San Diego Rideshare accident lawyer

When ridesharing companies started business ridesharing option was considered to be for people who wanted to save money on gas. Over the years the popularity of ridesharing services like Uber & Lyft have grown immensely in popularity. Ridesharing is a rage in San Diego and around, people view ridesharing as a safe and comparatively less expensive way to travel.… Read More

How can a bus accident lawyers in Los Angeles help?

While buses are considered to be the safest modes of transport in the city. Bus travel is the most common method of travel in Los Angeles. Buses are considered common carriers and the drivers are expected to drive diligently and with utmost care. The California Civil Code Section 2100 directs the bus carriers to have… Read More

Swimming pool accident liability in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for its sunny summers and cool swimming pools. Swimming pools are loved by people of LA and they are found everywhere, however, if proper care is not taken they can become a source of disastrous injury. Pool owners who do not follow the mandated safety precautions and rules may end up… Read More

Elder abuse Lawyers Los Angeles | Nursing home abuse lawyers

Elder abuse and nursing home abuse is fast becoming a growing problem in our society. Due to the improved medical facilities and conditions, life expectancy has increased over the years. With the increasing life expectancy incidents of physical, emotional, and financial abuse of the elders are expected to grow unless the right measures are taken.… Read More

How to prove a hostile work environment?

Harassment at the workplace comes in many forms; it is much more than inappropriate touching or making “quid pro quo” offers for continued employment. As per federal law, harassment at work includes the creation of a hostile work environment. A workplace is termed “hostile” when an individual or group of individuals are harassed or bullied… Read More

Ways to prevent workplace discrimination

Workplace discrimination is a burning issue faced by employers every day. Treating a person unfairly or displaying any kind of prejudice is termed as discrimination. Different types of workplace discrimination may make the employee feel unsafe and uncomfortable. This feeling of prejudice or discrimination can have an adverse impact on the psychological well being of… Read More

Types of Workplace harassment and how to fight them

Incidents of workplace harassment are commonly heard, such incidents can have an adverse impact on a good job, making the work environment toxic and unbearable. Most of the time such harassment incidents are not reported as the victims are unsure what actually qualifies as workplace harassment and what they can do to stop it or… Read More