Amputated Limbs Injury

Amputation injury lawyer

In just a few seconds, a disastrous accident can change a person’s life forever. The
victim’s life will no longer be the same after an injury or accident in which they are forced to amputate
their limbs. A number of Amputated limbs injury victims are never able to go back to work again, and the
ones who are able to, can do it only in a limited capacity for their remaining life.

Amputated Limbs Injury

An Amputated Limbs Injury occurs when a person is involved in a tragic accident and
is injured so severely that he/she loses a limb. It could be a loss of a finger, toe, arm, or leg. The
recovery from painful Amputated Limbs Injury is highly dependent on the site of the injury and its severity.
In some situation, even when a finger or toe is completely severed from the body because of the injury, it
can still be reattached to the limb by the surgeon, depending upon the nature of the injury. However for
most victims it is not possible to reattach the parts or limbs. These unfortunate victims have to live a
life of incompleteness forever. Other than amputations, the victim may suffer from other serious
complications too. Most victims suffer from heavy bleeding, mental shock and infections.

Causes of Amputation Injuries

Coping with the Amputations

Whatever may have been the reason for the amputation of the limbs, the victims have
to cope with the fact that their lives will be changed forever. Statistics show that most victims of
amputations are not able to lead a normal life again. They suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression for
the rest of their lives.


If you or your family member was injured in a way which required amputation of limbs, you
can file for damages and are entitled to get compensation. Losing a single finger or toe or a limb can have
devastating impact on the lives of the victim and their families. The support of friends and family is very
important during these crucial times, to help the victims wade through them. We at Khashan Law firm very well
understand the challenges faced by the amputation victims and the trauma they undergo while indicting a claim for
personal injury claims. Our team of skilled lawyers will assist you and take care of the insurance claims process so
that you do not have to worry about financial loss.

We are qualified amputation lawyers and can represent you and to help you get provisions for
altered accommodations both at home and work. Our team works along with life-care planners and economic experts and
determine the actual total cost of medical treatment and therapy, and prosthetics and mobility aids. We are
practicing in California, Murrieta, and are aware about their labour laws and employment requirements. Hence we can
help you get the required alterations made at work which you’re entitled to. We will also ensure that you are not
wrongfully discriminated or terminated because of your amputation.

We at Khashan Law have won a number of cases of Amputated Limbs Injury and have helped the
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