California man accused of sexual abuse against 7-year-old in 2015

55-year-old Robert Quesada a resident of San Diego, California has been charged with a list of felonies in relation to sexual assault and sexual abuse of a 7-year-old Willmar juvenile. He was accused in 2015 of assaulting the minor over several months. Robert Quesada was presented before Eighth Judicial District Judge Melissa Listug and charged… Read More

Ex-UCLA Gynecologist Indicted on 21 Sexual Abuse Counts

Dr. James Heaps, a former gynaecologist at the University of California, Los Angeles was indicted by a grand jury on 21 counts of sexual abuse felonies. Dr. Heaps was accused of sexually assaulting seven women. As per the copy of the indictment he was accused of several counts of fraudulent sexual battery, sexual exploitation of… Read More