Dixie Lewis, 19, daughter of ‘Moneyball’ writer Michael Lewis daughter dies in California highway crash of truck accident along with her friend Ross Schultz, 20. Both the victims were classmates in Berkeley High School and had been together since then.

Schultz and Lewis were driving north from Lake Tahoe on State Route 89 towards Truckee when their sedan crossed the advancing traffic and suddenly collided with a southbound truck. The reason why the car veered across a double-yellow line is still unknown. Witnesses at the scene are being questioned to ascertain if they have any information on the crash.

The truck driver, a 45-year-old Nevada man escaped the crash with minor injuries. Dixie Lewis graduated from high school in 2021 and was studying at Pomona College, where she was a member of the softball team. Schultz had completed his second year at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and was on the high school’s championship soccer team.

The family is devastated by the accident, in a statement to a community news site Berkeley side, Michael Lewis stated that “We loved her so much and are in a kind of pain none of us has experienced. She loved Ross, with whom she died. She loved to live and our hearts are so broken they can’t find the words to describe the feeling.”

Several of Michael Lewis nonfiction books have been adapted to movies including Moneyball with Brad Pitt and The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock. His wife Tabitha Soren was a former MTV correspondent. Both Lewis and Soren were MTV political reporters and photographers when they married in1997.

Investigations into the accident are underway and more information is awaited. Crashes or accidents with trucks result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Drivers of commercial trucks who are driving daily across the state are often overworked and fatigued. They may lose control of their vehicle causing tragic accidents.

There are several causes of truck accidents, as per federal statistics, approximately 73 percent of the fatal truck accidents involved sudden encroachment of another vehicle in the truck lane. Around 23 percent of the fatal crashes were caused due to inconsistent and erratic movement of the truck or due to loss of control on the truck.

Around 5 percent of the fatal truck accidents resulted due to issues with the truck like tire burst. Some of the common vehicle-related problems resulting in truck crashes are shifting cargo, spilt cargo and brake problems. Sometimes problems like uneven roads, rubble on the road, and animal on the road can also cause commercial truck accidents.

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