With the growing unrest among the people against the increasing cases of police brutality and killings, a bill aimed at ending the careers of police officers that are considered “bad apples Bill”  was passed by California officials on Wednesday 26th May 2021.

The supporters of the bill believe that the legislation still needs improvement to ensure there is no negative impact on the current system. Due to this revolutionary  of California passes bill against bad apples is treated as great constitution step of USA Democracy.

The supporters stated that the language in the bill was vague and there are high chances that the disciplinary board may be biased against law enforcement.

California is the latest state to pass a law for decertifying police officers overlooking their duties. The bill was proposed by Los Angeles Senator Steven Bradford, the bill will prevent police officers convicted of serious crimes or suspended/fired for misconduct from getting a transfer to another police department.

Police officers are protected from being sued for civil rights abuse, the bill aims to bring limitations to this protection. The bill was unanimously passed with a 26-9 vote. Republicans were the ones who were against the idea of the bill.

Bradford’s proposed disciplinary board has been criticized by many as being biased as it includes only two police representatives along with seven members coming from professional or personal backgrounds opposed to police misconduct.

Police Brutality and Misconduct

People expect the police to keep them safe and protect them. However, there are many instances of police brutality which make them feel insecure and scared, especially for people from minority groups and other vulnerable groups.

The death of George Floyd last year once again illustrated the disturbing trend of police brutality and misconduct against the very people whom they have sworn to protect and serve. Police brutality can be defined as the unnecessary or extreme display of force by police against civilians as a violation of their civil rights.

Protecting the civil rights of Californians against police brutality and misconduct

Over the years, Californians have witnessed several incidents of police brutality. Many times, Police officers have to use excessive force that is unavoidable, but sometimes the use of force is unwarranted causing an injury or death. In such cases, law enforcement needs to be held accountable for their behavior.

Some of the common examples of police brutality and misconduct are:
• Unnecessary and/or extreme use of force
• Assault and battering
• Racial profiling
• Sexual assault or abuse
• Torture and Harassment
• Fake arrest
• Terrorization and bullying
• Murder

Irrespective of what was the reason and intention behind the injuries and deaths of California citizens at the hands of police officers, the police departments and the cities they represent are eventually responsible for the behavior of the police officers.

As a victim of police brutality, one may feel like they are facing impossible odds. Their civil rights have been violated and they have to fight against an institution that is responsible for protecting them.

Many times the police departments cover up the bad acts of their police officers and deny any responsibility. In several instances, the officers at the scene of police misconduct refuse to speak up against their fellow members. Going up against the law enforcement agencies is not a simple task.

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