Job Site Accidents

Job site accidents

Statistics show that around 375 to 400 employees lose their lives annually
due to job site accidents. Job site injuries and fatalities are highly dominant in industries like
construction and manufacturing where workers are working on heavy machinery. Their work environment
is highly volatile. The main cause of death for workers over the last few years have been related to
transportation accidents. Fatalities and injuries related to transportation happen with drivers
ferrying heavy cargo on highways or highway shoulders.

Laws state that it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that his
workers are working in a safe environment. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
(OSHA) has listed measures and standards for each industry which can help in preventing any tragic
job site accidents.

A number of job site accidents happen because of safety violations at the
workplace. When workers get injured on job, they can always seek compensation for their significant

Types of Job Site accident or injuries

  • Injury to the head, neck or spine sustained because of falling objects on the worker. Or when a worker falls
    down from the loft or ladder while working. Falling from heights can result in serious injuries, fractures or
  • Tripping and falling over loose mats, rugs or other floor coverings at the job site, can result in bruises,
    sprains or fractures. These job site accidents can take place indoors in the company premises or outside.
  • Vehicle accident or collision while driving for the company. People can also be a victim of car accident in the
    company’s parking lot after being hit by some other driver.
  • Accidents related to transportation of goods. These accidents include actual vehicle accident on the highways or
    accidents which occur while loading and unloading goods from the vehicle.
  • Hidden Illness – workers who are exposed to various chemicals or other hazardous substances may discover in
    later years that they have a debilitating illness, like mesothelioma.
  • Cardiac Injuries like stroke, hypertension or heart attacks while on work at the job site
  • Suffering from sleep disorders, anxiety and depression
  • Suffering from Occupational Diseases like loss of vision, exposure to chemicals and hearing damage

Workers can be victims of these type of injuries at any kind of workplace. They may be aware
or unaware of the dangers associated with their workplace environment.

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