Workplace Wrongful Death

Workplace wrongful death lawyer

The tragedy and pain of losing a loved one is indescribable. The families have to cope with their emotional pain and at the same time are burdened with financial constraints and issues. As a result of workplace wrongful death, the families suffer huge financial losses, both in the present situation and in future. These losses include costs of medical care of the deceased victim, cost of burial and most importantly the loss of future earnings. Other than the financial losses, the family members endure immense mental pain and suffering.

What are Workplace Wrongful Deaths?

Workplace Wrongful deaths are deaths which occur because of injuries caused to an employee while at work. The accident or injuries are a result of the company or some other employee’s negligence. In most cases the victims would have suffered fatal injury while driving a vehicle for the company or while working on heavy equipment. One needs to understand that all deaths are not considered wrongful deaths, only if it can be proven that the cause of death was negligence on part of somebody else, it would be considered a wrongful death.

What is negligence?

When an organization or employer or manager fails to take reasonable care at the workplace to avoid any injury or accident, is called negligence. When a fatal accident occurs because of someone’s negligence, it is considered a wrongful death.

Under the California law surviving family members can sue the negligent person or company or the entity which has been responsible for the death of their loved one. If you have lost your loved one due to negligence of someone else, contact us at Khashan Law for a free and confidential consultation.

If one is able to establish in the court that the death of a victim has occurred because of the negligence or fault of a person or party, then the court will award the surviving family members with a financial award. If the filed wrongful death claim is successful, the court will order the responsible parties to pay a compensation to the victim’s family members who filed the claim. The financial award as a part of the compensation to the family of the victim of a workplace wrongful death will include:

  • Medical expenses incurred on the victim for the injuries sustained before death
  • Funeral costs
  • Compensation for the Emotional stress
  • Compensation for the loss of income and future earnings because of the workplace wrongful death of the earning member.

Our team of experienced lawyers at Khashan Law firm have represented families of construction workers, warehouse workers, police officers etc in cases of workplace wrongful deaths. It is difficult to prove negligence on the part of company or manager or other employee as the reason of the death of the victim. But our expert lawyers know their job well and help our clients to prove negligence and get the best rightful compensation for the victim’s family. Contact us at (951) 461-2387 for a free, confidential consultation.

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