Burn Injuries

A burn injury has a lasting impact on the victim’s life. The burns result in scarring and disfigurement of the victim, restricting them from enjoying their life and conducting their daily activities.

The American Burn Association says that around 3,400 people in USA lose their lives due to fire, burns or smoke inhalation. Every year more than 40,000 people across USA are hospitalized with burn injuries.

A victim can suffer from burn injuries in many different situations, they can get burnt in a car accident or in an electrical mishap. Chemical related accidents at work or home can also result in burns, inflammation of defective electric products or spilling of hot food or drink at a restaurant.

Types of Burns:

Depending on the severity of the burns, they can range from being mild to painful and scarring to being fatal. The burns are rated from first to third degree depending on their severity.

  • First Degree Burns: First degree burns are responsible for damaging or burning only the top layer of skin. The area of burn turns red, has swelling and in some cases the skin peels off. Though painful, this is the mildest type of burn and generally takes a week to heal
  • Second-degree burns: Second degree burns go deeper and damage the deeper layers of the skin. They result in severe swelling and open blisters are formed on the affected rea. It takes more than three weeks for second degree burn victims to recover completely.
  • Third-degree burns: Third-degree burns: Third degree burns are the most ghastly and most painful. The burns go all the way down and reach the tissue beneath the skin. Treatment for third degree burns required hospitalization. Victims are scarred or disfigured permanently.

Compensation for Burn Injuries:

The cost for treatment for burns is huge. Other than the expensive treatment, victims of burn injuries lose their income as they take time to recover, or in case severe disfigurement they may even lose their earning capability. If the victim does not have adequate insurance, they and their family would have to face a severe strain on their finances.

  • 66% of the burn victims, suffer from scarring and disfigurement and treatment for such cases cost anywhere between $28,000 and $35,000
  • Burn victims tend to contract infections, treatment for which is an ongoing process and could cost $58,000 to $120,000, depending on the severity of the infections.
  • The cost for Skin breakdown would be another $38,000 to $107,000
  • Psychological counselling and treatment for the burn victims to help them overcome their issues can cost between $16,000 and $75,000

Overall a burns treatment could cost over $200,000, and an average Californian will not be financially prepared to bear these huge costs of treatment.

Whether first degree or third degree burns, living with burns is not easy and they have a huge impact on your life. Whether you have attained burn injuries in an accident or an explosion, an experienced burn injuries lawyer will help you get the full compensation you deserve.

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