24-year old William Alcantara died from a blood clot in his lungs in December last year. The medical examiner ruled autism as the contributing factor for death however, it was ruled out as a natural death. As per the autopsy report, the deceased was a well-nourished man with no significant traumatic injuries.

No form of alcohol or drugs abuse could be detected during the toxicological testing which compliance under wrongful death due to this Father of dead son files negligence claim.

Gustavo Alcantara father of William doesn’t believe his son’s death to be natural. He has accused San Diego County officials of not monitoring his son’s health and condition after they removed him from his Imperial Beach home. In a claim filed last month, Gustavo says that his son died from deep venous thrombosis and had many marks and bruises on his body. He has accused the caregiver of assaulting and punishing his son to control him.

The legal claim seeks unspecified damages against the county office that is the Public Guardian. The county is responsible for examining and implementing conservatorships for persons deemed to be incapable of managing their finances or personal well-being by a court. Public Guardian has acknowledged the complaint but declined any reason to believe William’s death to be suspicious.

William Alcantra was a resident of Coastal Living II group home in Chula Vista before he died. Gustavo has also named Rose Dehbozorgi, who runs the Coastal Living II group home in his complaint.

William Alcantara had the mental capacity of a 4-5 year-old and was not able to speak. In 2018 he was involuntarily removed from his family’s Imperial Beach home after his father Gustavo complained to state public health officials that the county and San Diego Regional Center were ignoring his pleas for an emergency dental appointment.

The photographs submitted by the Alcantara family show William as a healthy person while he lived with them before 2018. A picture from March 2020, when he was under conservatorship shows William to be considerably thinner.

Gustavo submitted a series of emails and communications to the Coastal Living home stating that William was being neglected, abused at the home. That the centre was not allowing them to communicate with their son, isolating him from them.

The coroner’s office has described that there are several unexplained bruises on Alcantara’s body that include contusions to his chest and scratches on his upper back, right shoulder and lower abdomen. There were discolorations and bruises on his forearms, lower legs and right foot.

The complaint has been placed before the county and the lawyers representing the county can recommend to the Board of Supervisors whether to settle or reject the claim made by Gustavo. If the claim is rejected, Alcantara can further pursue his dispute in the state or federal court.

Medical Negligence in California

When a doctor or any health care professional fails to provide the type and level of care to their patient that a sensible, similarly-skilled and educated provider would provide in similar circumstances it is known as Medical negligence.

Many elderly and disabled adults are dependent on nursing homes or care providers to take care of their daily needs including meals, medicines, bathing etc. Many times the care homes or nursing homes fail to live up to basic minimum standards of care.

If you or your family member was hurt or wrongfully killed due to medical negligence or neglect at the care home, you can file a claim for compensation. Professional and experienced lawyers can understand the situation, gather the facts and determine the value of your case.

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