The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Murrieta, CA

May 30, 2023

Car accidents are a leading cause of injury and death in California. In 2019, California reported more than 200,000 car accidents resulting in around 3,000 deaths and over 200,000 injuries.

Car accidents in Murrieta can be distressing and shocking for the victims. Damage to the property post a car accident can cause a lot of financial stress. And if the accident results in injuries or death, the problems are intensified.

To reduce the increasing number of car accidents and their after effects, it is important to first understand the common causes of car accidents in Murrieta, California.

Most of the car accidents in California can be attributed to irresponsible behavior like driving under the influence, speeding and distracted driving.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has listed down the most common causes of car accidents in Murrieta, California.

Below mentioned are some of the causes of car accidents:

  • Distracted driving:

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents in Murrieta, California. Many drivers are involved in activities while driving that affect their focus and concentration. Right from using phones to eating or reading while driving the car. Since they are distracted, they tend to lose awareness of the roads and their surroundings and end up crashing the car.

  • Speeding:

Another major cause of car accidents in California is speeding. Drivers driving their cars at a speed more than the defined speed limit are more likely to be involved in an accident. Driving at high speed reduces the reaction times of drivers causing severe accidents leading to serious injuries or fatalities. Car accidents due to speeding are also more likely to have disastrous outcomes, because of the large amount of energy generated and released due to the high speed.

  • Impaired driving:

Impaired driving is not only one of the major reasons of car accidents in California, it is the deadliest. A driver driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs has a slow reaction time. Their ability to make sound judgments is impacted causing severe collisions or car crashes. Even people on some prescribed medicines may suffer from clouded judgement, impairing them and making them unsuitable for driving.

  • Driver fatigue:

Driving when tired can impair a person’s ability to drive their vehicle safely. Fatigue driving is a major issue, especially with Truck drivers who are sleep deprived, leading to catastrophic truck accidents.  When tired or drowsy, it becomes difficult for the driver to react properly during an emergency.

  • Not following traffic rules:

Negligent traffic behaviors such as making unlawful U-turns or tailgating or jumping red lights pose a potential threat to drivers’ safety. These activities can lead to fatal car accidents if not properly curbed. Not following traffic rules has caused hundreds of car accidents in California alone.

  • Aggressive Driving:

Many drivers drive aggressively and recklessly. Tailgating, weaving between lanes, speeding, and running red lights are some forms of aggressive driving that can cause deadly accidents. There are some instances where someone loses their control resulting in road rage and ending up in a physical fight or use of weapons.

  • Vehicle Defects or Malfunctions:

In a number of cases, the reason for a car accident is a defect in the vehicle or some part. Many times, lack of maintenance of the vehicle can lead to brake fails, tire bursts etc.

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