Toxic Torts

Toxic torts

Though there has been an increased awareness about the impact of climatic change in
the recent years in America, regrettably it is too late, as hundreds of people have already been victims of
environmental poisoning, chemical spills or exposure to hazardous chemicals. This situation demands for
filling of Toxic Torts against the guilty parties.

As we know that industrial waste and hazardous chemicals do not degrade easily; some
toxin substances do not degrade and continue to be a part of the environment for decades. They poison and
impact the soil, water, air and everything in its surroundings.

The results of these toxic torts can be shocking:

  • You will have neighbourhoods having a number of families suffering from same type of rare cancers
    because of consuming contaminated groundwater, inhaling chemical vapours etc.
  • Infertility issues or poisoning of farmers and their neighbours, because of the exposure of harmful
  • Military personnel or soldiers being affected because of exposure to hazardous chemicals and solvents
  • Inhaling particles of carcinogenic products like asbestos, silicon and coal dust at mines, construction
    sites etc.
  • Victim of chemical spills arising from accidents at factories or on trains or trucks.
  • Poisoning or contamination of land which produces unsafe crops

Pollution of the environment and contamination results in numerous deaths. People
may get affected and suffer from cancer, brain damage or other injuries. Such victims or families of victims
can file a lawsuit called toxic torts. Toxic torts will help in holding or penalising parties responsible
for the pollution. Since entire communities or groups are affected in case of contamination or pollution,
toxic torts are frequently class actions.

Complications related with Toxic Tort Cases

Most of the toxic torts cases are highly complicated as compared to other personal injury
cases because of:

Liability: It is very difficult to identify the person responsible for chemical disasters or
hazards, as there are no proofs to prove their responsibility. Identifying the liable party and the exact source
from where the toxins are dispensed into the environment is not easy.

Cause: If one is able to find the responsible party for the environmental pollution, finding
the source from where the toxins are released can be a challenge. Once the source is identified, it is very
difficult to prove in court that the chemicals or pollution were responsible for the direct cause of certain
injuries or losses.

Damages: Toxic torts generally include properties which have been partially damaged. It may
also contain injuries which are not easy to diagnose. It becomes really difficult to define precisely what is the
extent and costs for the toxic tort damages.

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