Delivery truck accident

Delivery truck accident

Delivery trucks have a very important place in running our American economy. However in many instances it has been notices that the drivers driving these delivery trucks are not well trained and do not have the right expertise to drive these huge vehicles. This can result into a tragic delivery truck accident, and be dangerous for the pedestrians and vehicles on the road. They work round the clock and deliver food and other staples to the stores, construction materials to construction sites, mail or parcels to the post offices and customers. Without these delivery trucks on the road, the life can come to a standstill for most Americans.

The delivery companies are known to employ inexperienced drivers or not maintain their vehicles to save on a few dollars.

They are taking a huge risk and playing with the lives of hundreds of innocent people.The drivers are under constant pressure to follow strict delivery timelines. The delivery companies set deadlines, without considering the weather conditions or traffic on the roads, whereby pressurizing the drivers to over speed or drive rashly to complete their deliveries on time. These overworked, exhausted drivers may be distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to keep themselves awake. They can end up crashing into other vehicles or pedestrians, resulting in a disastrous delivery truck accident.

Few Statistics about Delivery Truck Accident

  • Every one in eight car crash fatalities involves trucks or commercial vehicles.
  • 4% of all injuries sustained in vehicle accidents are because of delivery truck accident.
  • A truck accident, ends up in injuring the passengers of the other vehicle. 86% of the deaths and 77% of the injuries are suffered by the drivers and passengers of the other vehicles.
  • Report published by NHTSA in May 2016 stated that in the year 2014 there were 3,903 truck related fatalities
  • In 2014 there were 111,000 delivery truck accidents in the country where the victims had some type of injury.

Types of Delivery Trucks

  1. Tank Trucks: Semi-trucks known for carrying “hazardous materials.” They carry gasoline to gas stations.
  2. Refrigerator Trucks: When the cargo requires cooling while in transport, a refrigerated truck is used for delivery purpose.
  3. Wide Loads: The largest vehicles we can see on the road are the Wide loads. They are generally marked with yellow signage and flashing lights are used to indicate other drivers on the road about its large size.
  4. Mail Trucks: Mail trucks are delivery trucks used for delivering packages and mail. They are used by both federal post and private mail delivery companies like Amazon, FedEx etc.
  5. Flower Delivery: Trucks used for delivering flowers to flower stores or to individual clients
  6. Furniture Truck: Trucks used by companies like Ikea to deliver furniture.

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