Paraplegic Injuries

Paraplegic injury lawyer

An injury which results in paralysis on the lower portion of the body is called a Paraplegic injury. Patients suffering from Paraplegic injuries, lose sensation in their legs and the lower part of the body. They are paralysed and unable to walk. In most cases paraplegic injuries are caused due to trauma or injury to the spinal cord.

Most common causes of Paraplegic injuries, which cause damage to the spinal cord:

Though Paraplegic injuries may vary from person to person, but most patients would require to undergo extensive medical treatment. Majority of paraplegia patients are bound to their wheelchairs or are dependent on other motor-function aids for life support. Victims of Paraplegic injuries also suffer from other medical problems like body sores, degradation of the muscles, and reduction in immunity causing higher vulnerability to catch colds and pneumonia.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Paraplegic Injuries

In some cases the paralysis is a temporary condition which can be cured, if the swelling or damage to the spine is reversed and it comes back to normal. If the spine does not start healing within a few weeks of the injury, the prognosis is not good and chances are that the patient will be paralyzed permanently.

Treatments which can be helpful in case of paraplegic injuries:

  • Remove bone shards or foreign objects with the help of surgery
  • Realign the spine with the help of traction or surgery
  • Medications
  • Physiotherapy
  • Behavioral therapy to help the patient start doing his daily tasks on his own again

If you or your loved one has been injured as a result of an accident caused by a third party, a paraplegia injury lawyer in California is the best person to provide you with all legal knowledge required for you to file a suit and help you recover damages. Even in cases where the accident was unintentional, the victim has a right to compensation. The high mounting medical bills, loss of livelihood, future medical costs make Paralysis a costly affair. The inability of the victim to do even their daily chores, makes them dependent on someone who can do all their chores. Paying for these services are also a huge burden on the victim’s shoulders.

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Paraplegic Injuries