Khashan Law Firm is a California-based specialist Employment Law Firm. Our team of experienced California employment lawyers has a deep understanding of federal law and California labor and employment law, and we are here to help you protect your rights in the workplace.

We handle a wide variety of employment law issues, including wrongful termination, workplace discrimination and harassment, sexual harassment, unpaid wages and overtime, wrongful discipline, hostile work environment and much more. We also represent employees in wrongful discharge, retaliation, and breach of contract claims. No matter your situation, our team of California employment lawyers is here to provide you with the legal advice, representation, and support you need.

Our employment attorneys California are experienced in negotiating, settling, and litigating employment law cases and will work diligently to obtain the best possible outcome for you. We understand that your situation is unique and we will tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. We will take the time to understand your goals and will work to ensure that you are fully informed throughout the process.

Types of employment law cases handled by Khashan Law Firm

The California labor and employment law protects a worker’s right from applying for a position to job termination. Our team of experienced California employment lawyers can provide legal representation to our clients in several areas including:

  • Workplace Discrimination: We represent individuals who have faced discrimination based on their race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.
  • Wrongful Termination: We represent individuals who have been wrongfully terminated from their job.
  • Wage and Hour Disputes: We represent employees who have not been paid the minimum wages as per the labor law. We also handle cases of employees who have not been paid what they are owed or have been provided with inadequate benefits.
  • Harassment: We represent individuals who have been victims of harassment in the workplace.
  • Severance Agreements: We advise employees on their rights and obligations under a severance agreement.
  • Meal and Rest Break Violations: California employment law directs employers to provide non-exempt employees with meal and rest breaks. If these breaks are not provided, the employer is required to pay one extra hour of pay for each missed break. We can guide employees who have been deprived of their rights to meal and rest breaks.
  • Independent Contractor Misclassification: If an employee is misclassified as an independent contractor, they will not be paid overtime pay, given breaks, and other benefits. We represent employees who have been misclassified by their employers to deprive them of their benefits.

Why choose us

We at Khashan Law Firm understand the complexities of California’s employment laws and regulations and provide our clients with the best possible legal representation. Our employment law attorneys are well versed in the various laws that govern employment relationship and are experienced in successfully negotiating and litigating employment disputes. We are dedicated to helping our clients protect their rights and interests in the workplace.

No matter what employment law issue you are facing, our employment attorneys California are here to help. We will work diligently to protect your rights and interests in the workplace.

At Khashan Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing quality legal services to our clients. If you are facing an employment law issue in California, please contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Our team is here to help you protect your rights and get the justice you deserve.