Dangerous Roadways Accident

Dangerous roadways accident

Not all vehicle accidents are caused due to a collision or crash with another vehicle. Not all vehicle accidents are caused because of the negligence of another motorist. Many times accidents are caused because of dangerous roadways. Dangerous roadways or defective signs are a significant cause of vehicle accidents in California. Dangerous roadways accidents can occur because of defective design, defective or poor quality of construction, poor quality of maintenance of the roads etc. If you or your family member has been a victim of a dangerous roadways accident, you should contact a qualified lawyer who can assess whether any of the above mentioned reasons were responsible for the accident.

Our team of experienced lawyers at Khashan Law can help you by looking into the facts surrounding your case. We can help in determining if you should file a suit and ask for a claim due to the dangerous road conditions.

What do you mean by dangerous roadways?

Dangerous roadways accidents involve vehicles who are crossing the center line and end up crashing. On some occasions roll over and drop down a slope or cliff while crossing into the shoulder. Vehicles end up colliding with objects like trees, poles, and walls etc. which come in their way while driving. Such accidents may have occurred due to a number of causes, but one cannot overlook the fact that a problem in the road design or road maintenance can be the reason for the accident or crash. Such roads can be termed as “dangerous roadways.”

20% of fatal vehicle accident cases involve a single vehicle which ran off the road or rolled over or ended up colliding into a fixed object. The government tries to argue that these accidents or crashes occurred because of the negligence of the driver or some driving error. However in most cases, road conditions are the actual reason behind the accidents.

Dangerous roadway accidents cases are very difficult to win and are an expensive affair. The agencies and bodies controlling the maintenance and construction of the roads have strong defenses as they are represented by the government itself. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to prove that an accident was caused by dangerous roadways. Investigating the site of accident and the study of the road conditions and its history of construction requires a lot of expertise. It is very expensive to carry out such investigations. But one should not stop from fighting for their rights, as if it can be proved that the cause of the accident was dangerous roadways, it will force to bring about changes in the road conditions, whereby saving a lot of other lives.

Dangerous roadways include:

  • Uneven roadways having bumps, potholes, etc.
  • Insufficient or no lighting on the roads
  • Debris from road construction lying on the roads
  • Unplanned and poorly designed roads
  • Improper or absence of traffic signs and signals on the roads
  • Improper maintenance of the roads

How to protect your rights in case of a dangerous roadways accident?

A victim has only six months from the date of the accident to file notice of a claim against the municipal, county or state government. For accidents which have occurred on federal land, the victim has two years to file a notice. Although this may seem as having plenty of time on hand to file a notice, it is advisable to act quickly and seek legal representation. Early representation will help in collection of vital evidence which is important for your case. With passage of time, there are chances that evidence may disappear, whereby making it difficult for you to file a case. Sooner you begin you legal proceedings and investigations, easier it will be to win the case and receive the compensation you deserve.

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