Quadriplegic Injuries

Quadriplegic injuries

Each year more than 250,000 people are afflicted with Quadriplegic Injuries. Injuries to the
Spinal cord are the most critical in nature as they can lead to complete or partial paralysis. Most of the spinal
injuries are not curable and the victim has to live with the injuries for life. Around 50% of the spinal injuries
are Quadriplegic Injuries.

So what is the difference between Quadriplegic Injuries and Paraplegic Injuries if both are
caused by injury to the spinal cord? In Quadriplegic Injuries both the upper half and lower half of the body can be
paralyzed. Quadriplegia differs from paraplegia depending on the location of the injury on the spinal cord injury.
It is determined by the number of limbs affected due to the injury.

causes disability to the legs. The victims may lose sensation of the legs or can be completely paralyzed below
the waist.

Whereas in Quadriplegia both the arms and legs get paralyzed. The degree of paralysis is
determined by the nature of the injury and its impact. Persons suffering from Quadriplegia can have severe pain,
suffer from loss of bladder and bowel function, have muscle spasms etc. In critical cases, the victims are left in a
“locked-in syndrome,” in which they are aware about their surroundings but cannot communicate with anyone.

Causes of Quadriplegia:

  • Car and Motorcycle accidents
  • Falls from height
  • Wounds received from Gun-shots
  • Injury while playing a sport
  • Medical negligence or surgical errors

Can you file a lawsuit to claim damages for quadriplegic injuries?

In California, legally a person can file a suit against another party, if that party’s
negligence caused the accident resulting in quadriplegia. One can file a lawsuit if the causes of the injury
can be
proven to be a result of dangerous practices, carelessness, negligence, or inattentiveness. Employers, doctors,
nurses, coworkers, or sports teams can all be sued for damages if the injury is caused due to their negligence or


Settlements for quadriplegic injury include for both tangible losses and also for
psychological suffering. One can claim damages for the medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, home modifications,
loss of income, disability etc. and also for the emotional pain and suffering one will have to bear over the course
of a lifetime. Damages paid out for Quadriplegic injuries are generally on a higher side because of the amount of
pain and suffering attached with them.

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