Many people use ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft to get around town. These services are easy to use, and they provide a way for people to get from one place to another quickly and easily. Despite their widespread use, ridesharing services are not without their risks. One of the dangers that comes with using Uber or Lyft–or driving in a rideshare vehicle–is getting into an accident.

If you or your loved one has been hurt in a Lyft accident, whether as rideshare driver, passenger, or pedestrian, under California state laws you are entitled for compensation. Our expert team of Lyft accident attorneys at Khashan Law Firm will evaluate your case and help in investigating the accident and will ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Our team of personal injury attorneys has a comprehensive understanding of the Californian laws which govern the Lyft accident claims.

Lyft’s Insurance Coverage

All rideshare companies provide insurance liability coverage for their drivers. However, the drivers are required to also hold a collision and comprehensive insurance under their own personal auto insurance. The driver’s injuries are covered under the policy only when there is a passenger travelling in the car, and the driver of another vehicle is liable for the crash and injuries.

Lyft’s insurance policy coverage includes:

  • Contingent liability for the driver waiting for a ride request.
  • Primary liability coverage when a passenger is travelling in the car.
  • Motorist coverage up to $1 million per accident.

Insurance Liability

So who is liable for paying compensation to the victims of rideshare accident? Are the rideshare companies like Lyft responsible? Is it the Uber or Lyft driver driving the car? These are some of the questions which the victims have no answers for.

which the victims have no answers for.

Actually the answers to these questions are determined by the situation and the circumstances of the Lyft accident.Following factors need to be studied to determine the insurance liability:

  • Who is the victim?
    Whether the victim was the Lyft driver or a transport passenger using the ridesharing services or a pedestrian on the road or the driver or passenger of the other car.

  • What is the cause of the accident?
  • Was the Lyft driver on duty at the time of the accident?

Lyft drivers have a $1 million insurance coverage while they are on duty. Hence if the driver was on duty and was responsible for the accident and causing injuries to the victim, the victims can file a claim against this $ 1 million policy. This is applicable to all victims, whether a Lyft passenger, a pedestrian, or the driver or passenger of the other vehicle.

However if driver was off duty at the time of accident, then the victim will have to file a personal injury claim against the driver’s personal insurance policy.


Determining the insurance liability the most complicated steps while filing a claim for wrongful death or injury after a Lyft accident. As a victim you can recover the following in Lyft accidents:

  • Compensation for Pain, suffering and distress
  • Compensation for Loss of wages or job
  • Compensation for Loss of a normal life
  • Compensation for Property damage
  • Compensation for temporary or permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Compensation for all medical bills, past and future

Our team of expert Lyft accident lawyers at Khashan Law Firm has been tracking the various Lyft accident cases in court to see how they are being treated. Hence our team’s well informed knowledge helps the victims in Lyft car accidents to get the best compensation for their lost wages, cost of medical care, mental trauma etc. which they have suffered. If you have been a victim of Lyft accident, call us at (951) 461-2387 for a free, confidential consultation. Our team of Lyft accident attorneys will ensure that you are able to obtain full compensation for your present and future damages.

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