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Bicycle injury accidents

Bicycle riders suffer an astonishing number of serious injuries and fatalities in accidents
involving motor vehicles; and these bicycle accidents are almost always the fault of the motorist.

In fact, in 2012, according to the NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts Report, some 726 bicyclists
were killed and 49,000 injured in traffic accidents in the United States. A bicycle injury lawyer can help victims receive compensation in these cases.

Motorists are almost always at fault

As bicycle riders know, drivers of cars and trucks simply do not pay adequate attention to their surroundings to protect pedestrians and bicyclists. They do not respect the rights of cyclists, and oftentimes do not look for bicycle riders before making lane changes that can endanger their lives. In fact, bicyclists are killed or injured by motorists who make right turns directly in front of oncoming bicyclists, fail to check their blind spot before changing lanes, suddenly open their doors in front of them, sideswipe them while infringing on the shoulder, roll stop signs, exit driveways without looking, and drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs while “safe” in their padded and steel cocoon. California law provides the same rights to use the streets as motorists—but as a bike rider, you might argue that point!

Why hire a bicycle injury lawyer?

As soon as we accept your bicycle injury accident case, we will begin a thorough investigation to secure and document relevant accident evidence. If you wait too long before hiring a qualified team of attorneys, valuable evidence may be lost, witnesses may disappear, and the responsible party’s insurance company may take advantage of your inaction.

Why you need a bike accident lawyer

People who have been injured in accidents often start out with the belief that they can negotiate their claim without hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer. We hear the stories all the time.They give it the old college try. They attempt to work out a settlement with insurance companies on their own,but they don’t realize how good these companies lawyers and claims adjusters are at this… Insurance companies are in the business of making profit by collecting premiums and then paying out as little as possible against claims. Insurance companies will virtually always attempt to settle the claim to the insurance company’s advantage. Think “the house” and Las Vegas…

Why a bicycle injury lawyer gives you an advantage

Until the point where an injured bicyclist hires a personal injury attorney,the insurance company knows that the victim is not prepared in any way to take the case to court.The victim, therefore has no
power nor leverage. Insurance companies, when dealing with accident victims, will make a pretense that they care about the injured party and claim that they want to fairly compensate the injured party, but its all for show.

The insurance company will take advantage of the injured victim starting with taking a recorded statement, followed up with offers to have the injured visit “their doctors,” at which point they are already on the road to building a case against the accident victim. The result will be a low-ball settlement offer that you may not be able to reverse as you will be on record with a string of professionals who have documented “their take” on your injuries for the BIG corporation.

WARNING: If you do decide to talk to the insurance company without legal council, do not allow
yourself to be recorded and NEVER sign any papers.

To avoid getting steamrolled by these big, powerful, and clever corporations, reach out and
at least talk with a competent bicycle injury law firm – you’ve nothing to lose!

What types of compensation are recoverable in a bicycle accident claim?

Someone who injures a bicyclist may be held liable for a wide variety of damages,

  • past and future medical and rehabilitation costs
  • lost & future earnings potential
  • pain and suffering
  • loss of enjoyment of life
  • emotional distress
  • loss of parental or spousal financial support
  • loss of spousal relations
  • property damage
  • incidental expenses…

…and many other types of compensation and sometimes punitive damages are possible.

Contingency Fee Basis = NO Out-of-Pocket Costs to get started

At Khashan Law, we represent personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis. If we
don’t obtain a settlement or money judgment for you, we don’t receive a fee. Southern California Bicycle Injury Lawyer at Khashan Law have been providing experienced, aggressive representation to injured cyclists for over 10 years. Let us put our expertise to work for you!

The law imposes a time limit within which a personal injury claim must be filed. If you wait too long to contact a personal injury attorney after a bicycle accident, you may lose the right to receive monetary compensation for your injuries. Don’t let this happen! Call Murrieta Bicycle Injury Lawyer at Khashan Law today to set up your free consultation!

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