About Lewis

Mr. Khashan personally oversees all of the firm’s cases. Although his primary areas of practice include Civil Litigation, Serious Personal Injury and Catastrophic Matters, Mr. Khashan is well versed in many other areas of the law. Mr. Khashan has taken part in advanced studies in mediation and negotiation techniques.

Mr Khashan is an aggressive litigation attorney and provides the firm’s clients with advocacy and justice. With MILLIONS of dollars of verdicts and settlements, rest assured your case will be handled with the expertise and knowledge it takes to obtain the best possible results for your matter. Outside of work, Mr. Khashan continues to teach and compete in mixed martial arts.

Mr. Khashan holds a 4th degree black belt in Shao-Lin Kung-Fu, a black belt in Wing Chun, and extensive training in MMA fighting. He is one of three to be credentialed to teach a unique form of Kung-Fu only known to a limited few in the United States. Mr. Khashan has also been coaching High School and College wrestling for the past twenty years.

About Anhie

Ahnie joined the Khashan Law Firm in 2016. She quickly rose to the position of senior litigation paralegal as a result of her great work ethic and dedication. Ahnie currently serves as the firm’s office manager. Throughout the years at the firm, she has developed an immense passion for the law. She is currently pursing her degree in business management. In addition, Ahnie is furthering her career in the legal field with a law apprenticeship program through the Khashan Law Firm. She is pursuing her goals of becoming an attorney soon.

Ahnie’s passion for becoming an attorney is to ensure justice for people who need help. Ahnie enjoys going on hikes and exploring nature. She is a mother of two Siberian huskies who help keep her very active. She is also an avid sports fan. When not at the office, she loves to attend sporting events with her friends and family. Ahnie is originally from Los Angeles. She is a big Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers’ fan. She strives to have a “Mamba Mentality”, which is, “A constant quest to be the best version of yourself.”

Alejandra back

About Alejandra

Alejandra is the firm’s newest litigation paralegal who joined the firm in 2020. Alejandra is a proud mother to one little spontaneous girl and husky dog. Alejandra is an outdoor enthusiast. On her free time, she and her family partake in many outdoor activities. Camping in the desert and off-roading are just a few.

She loves trying different hikes all over San Diego. She enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. She goes crazy for a hot cup of delicious coffee. Alejandra is currently a full-time student. She is pursuing her Bachelorette’s degree in Legal Studies. Alejandra sincerely enjoys being able to help other people when possible.

About Andrea

Andrea began working at the Khashan Law Firm in 2019. Andrea is one of our pre-litigation paralegals who handles personal injury, workers’ comp, and employment matters. Andrea enjoys coming into work each day and feels like it is her second home. Andrea is also a certified life coach and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner.

Her greatest passion is helping others overcome their struggles in order to live the life they truly desire. Outside of work, Andrea loves partaking in meditations, yoga, hiking, and learning. Laughing, connecting, meeting new people, and having good conversations, are a few things that make her the happy. Andrea’s biggest goal in life is to continuously grow into a better version of herself and to follow her passion. Andrea brings a great amount of laughter and joy to the office and is admired by many of our clients for her compassion and caring attributes.


About Karina

Karina joined the Khashan law firm in 2019. She is currently one of the firm’s pre-litigation paralegals. Karina’s compassion for helping others feeds her desire in also becoming a lawyer in the future. Karina is originally from San Diego and enjoys good Mexican food on any given day. She is a huge boxing fan. Karina also enjoys reading, hiking, and the outdoors. Karina is a very caring and family-oriented person. She brings lots of joy and laughter to the firm every day.

About Tiffani

Tiffani is the Khashan Law Firm’s marketing director. She handles all the firms marketing, community events, networking, and more. Tiffani is an outgoing and energetic person filled with great ideas. Tiffani has an immense compassion for others.

She is an avid animal lover and a wonderful mom of two amazing young girls. When not being creative with marketing ideas, Tiffani is flying the friendly skies. She is a pilot and outdoor enthusiast. She brings a vast amount of marketing knowledge and experience to the firm.


About Marina

Marina started her career at the Khashan Law Firm in 2020. Marina graduated from San Diego State University with her bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and utilizes those skill sets within the firm.

Marina grew up in Temecula and plans to remain living in the community. When she is not working hard for our clients, she enjoys spending time with her dogs, watching a good film, traveling, and eating amazing food. Marina loves cooking, baking, and creating easy fun recipes. Her desire is to one day publish her own little cookbook. Marina is a social butterfly and fun to be around.

About Meghan

Meghan began at the Khashan Law Firm as a student intern. She was hired following the conclusion of her internship.

Meghan acquired an Associate degree in Administration of Justice and is currently enrolled in a Paralegal Certification program at Mount San Jacinto College. Alongside pursuing her educational goals, Meghan enjoys outdoor activities such as tennis, snowboarding, hiking, and gardening. Meghan’s greatest desire to grow her legal skills and become a certified paralegal with the firm.