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Private Investigator / Labor Board Representation
About Professor Hanna


Sal W. Hanna began his legal field experience in 1997 working at notable international law firms based in Southern California. Mr. Hanna is recognized as an expert in the field of Criminal Justice, Counter Surveillance Measures, Surveillance, Security and Private Investigations. He holds multiple degrees in those fields including; a Masters of Science in the Administration of Justice and Security, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. In addition to his employment with Khashan Law, Mr. Hanna was an Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice for a Nationally Accredited College and is currently licensed as a Private Investigator, Registered Process Server and also handles California Labor Board Employment Representation for both businesses and personal claims.


Mr. Hanna brings with him an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise in the field of Criminal Justice which includes the location of witnesses when necessary. As a licensed California Private Investigator, Mr. Hanna assists in the investigation accidents and criminal matters. Mr. Hanna handles the location of witnesses to accidents and crimes, the service of process and subpoenas on necessary individuals, the physical protection of our clients and other related matters. In providing his expertise and knowledge, Mr. Hanna is a key resource to the attorneys Khashan Law.

Leslie Leon

Client/Media Relations
About Leslie

(951) 461-2387 Ext: 204| Email Leslie

Ms. Leon joined Khashan Law during its founding and has been an integral part of the firm from the start. Ms. Leon has her Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and Liberal Arts. As a former member of the United States Navy, Ms. Leon brings with her a vast majority of team experience and professionalism. Ms. Leon assists the attorneys in several client-related matters including calendaring and trial preparation.


Ms. Leon also handles the firm’s public outreach programs and should be contacted for any media related issues. Khashan Law strives in providing unmatched legal services to its clients and Ms. Leon helps Khashan Law achieve their mission.

Karina Dellatorre

About Karina

(951) 461-2387 Ext: 202| Email Karina

Karina joined the KHASHAN Law Firm in 2015 and has been a tremendous asset to the firm and its great success. Karina leads our personal injury department and assists the Attorneys with case management, client relations, and trial preparation. Karina brings with her a vast knowledge of the medical field as she is currently in school pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. Karina is in charge of managing our serious and catastrophic injury cases on a daily basis.


She ensures that our clients are receiving the best possible treatment and care. Karina also attends school full time. Her dedication and compassion to our clients is shown by her work and commitment to obtaining the best possible results for each of our clients.

Ahnie Dellatorre

About Ahnie

(951) 461-2387 Ext: 201| Email Ahnie

Ahnie joined the KHASHAN Law Firm in 2016. Ahnie assists our personal injury department with day to day case management and client relations. Ms. Dellatorre brings with her a vast knowledge of client care and understanding as a former manager of major retail outlet. Ahnie is also a student pursuing her dreams of becoming a successful lawyer in the near future.


Ahnie has an amazing amount of compassion for our clients and goes above and beyond what is expected to make sure each client is well taken care of. Her positive attitude and kind heart are well noticed and exemplified by the work she does. Her passion and drive for success play an important role to the success of our firm.

Tiffani Shows

Marketing Director
About Tiffani

(951) 461-2387 Ext: 200| Email Tiffani

Tiffani joined the KHASHAN Law Firm in 2017 as the Marketing Director. Tiffani is responsible for a majority of the firm’s marketing and public relation matters. Ms. Shows carries with her a vast amount of marketing skills.


She has years of experience helping to build several organizations. Tiffani has a passionate love for animals and people. She is a graduate of Executive Flight School and a licensed piolet. Ms. Shows enjoys spending time spending time with her family, children, exploring nature, and flying the friendly skies.

Gabriella Atallah

About Gabriella

(951) 461-2387 Ext: 204

Gabriella is our cheerful receptionist! She joined our team to help make sure your experience is wonderful. Her warm smile and bubbly charm are so contagious that you’ll always want to come back. Gabriella’s attention to detail will ensure that you are taken care of from the moment you call to book your appointment until your matter is completed with our firm.


Gabriella is a perfect fit for the KHASHAN Law Firm as she adds professionalism and warmth as you walk through our doors. Currently a student at the University of California, Riverside, Gabriella is working towards her Bachelors degree. Thereafter, Gabriella will be attending law school with the dreams of becoming a trial attorney.

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