Single vehicle accident

A single vehicle accident is an accident involving a single vehicle. So how can a single vehicle get into an accident? There are many instances where a single car can encounter an accident maybe due to the mistake of the driver or due to bad conditions of the road or work going on the roads. Hence single vehicle accident charges are generally pressed against the driver or in few cases against third parties like road contractors or road maintenance teams. The cause of such single vehicle accidents can only be determined on a case to case basis. Khashan Law firm has a lot of experience in such accident cases and our qualified team can help you find out who is responsible for the accident and how to get your rightful claims.

Let us first understand the instances under which a single vehicle accident can take place:

  • The most common accident is the run-off-the-road accident, this happens when a car is speeding and it loses control while taking a quick turn on wet slippery roads or if the driver is driving in an inebriated condition
  • Collision into debris or tree fall on the road
  • Collision due to uneven or damaged roads or work going on the road or due to worn out signboards
  • Slippery roads due to ice patches
  • Defective parts of the car, malfunctioning brakes or air bags etc.
  • In a few instances the accident may not be either the drivers fault or third parties, for example a deer racing past your vehicle on the road, may force the driver to divert the car or brake suddenly, resulting in a collision or accident. Recovery in such cases has to be covered under the car’s comprehensive insurance plan.

Handling a single vehicle accident

If you are the driver or passenger of the car involved in a single car collision, first call 911 and move to a safe location off the road. Car accidents can result in serious injuries like spinal cord or brain injuries. It is important that you get yourself a complete checkup, to determine if everything is fine.

Calling the 911, will bring in the police team to the accident spot. The police officer will write a report on the accident and help in determining who was at fault for the collision. This report will be important while making claim with the insurance company or to recover damages from the party at fault.

If you are in a condition to take photos, it is very important to click pictures of the vehicle and the surroundings immediately. If you are in between the road or are at a place which could become dangerous to stay near the accident spot, it is better to get yourself to safety.

Liable Parties:

  • Vehicle manufacturer – If the crash happened because of some defect or malfunctioning of the vehicle, the vehicle manufacturer is responsible for the liability.
  • Pedestrians – If any pedestrians have suddenly walked out in front of your vehicle without any warning, then the pedestrian is responsible.
  • Bicyclists – Bicyclists who were not riding in the Bike lane or didn’t stop at the stop sign or suddenly came in front of the car without warning can be responsible for the liability.
  • Local governments – In cases where the roads were not maintained and were in bad condition resulting in the crash, the local government or maintenance department will be liable.
  • Drivers – If a driver was driving and you were the passenger, and the crash occurs because of the mistake of the driver as he dozed off or was inebriated while driving or took a sudden turn, the driver is liable for the accident.

Over the years, we at Khashan law have witnessed how the insurance companies make it difficult for victims of single vehicle accident to recover their damages for the injuries sustained in the crash. Victims end up taking up low settlements or in some cases even give up on pursuing their case because insurance companies keep rejecting their claims. Our expert team will ensure that our clients obtain full compensation for their present and future damages. Call us at (951) 461-2387 for a free, confidential consultation.

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