Seven former workers who were employed Kim Kardashian’s Hidden Hills home have filed a lawsuit against the reality star and beauty mogul for violation of California labor laws.

The workers who were employed as gardeners and maintenance staff at the property have claimed that Kim deducted taxes from their wages but did not furnish them to the government.

They also alleged that they were not paid overtime nor were they allowed meal and rest breaks. Their wages were not paid on time and they were not provided with itemized pay stubs.

One person who was 16 years at the time of employment, claimed that he was made to work much more than the maximum 48 hours of work allowed for underage summer employees.

One of the plaintiffs has claimed that when he raised the issues related to overtime pay and no breaks, he was terminated.

Kim Kardashian’s spokesperson stated the workers were hired and paid through a third party vendor. Kim was not responsible for the agreements made by the vendor with the workers and how the business is managed.

The spokesperson also mentioned that Kim has always paid the vendor on time and hopes the issues between the workers and vendor is resolved amicably.

A source close to Kim stated that Kim does not have a history of not paying her bills on time or withholding money. She believes in paying all the employees and workers on time and the workers are suing the wrong person.

California Wage and Hour Compensation Rules

More and more employees have started realizing that their employers are regularly violating the California wage and hour compensation rules.

When employers fail to pay the rightful wages to their employees for the number of hours worked or when they are denied breaks or other facilities directed by the law of California, it is considered to be a violation of employee wage laws.

Most employers believe that the employees are not aware of their legal rights as workers in the state of California. Hence they try to take advantage and deny them proper breaks or wages for the hours worked.

The maximum number of cases filed against employers is with regards to flouting the wage and hour laws. If an employee believes the employer is flouting the wage and hour law they can file a lawsuit as all the required information is easily available in the employer’s records or emails.

The most common violations of wage and hour laws are:

  • Not paying minimum wages
  • Unpaid wages
  • Not paying overtime wages
  • Not allowing the required time for meal and rest break

As per California law, all the non-exempt hourly employees are entitled to:

  • An unpaid, uninterrupted meal break of 30 minutes after every five hours of work time.
  • Employees working a six-hour shift can ask for a waiver of this meal break period and complete their shift in one go.
  • After every hour of work a 10-minute uninterrupted break

The best way to determine if you are being paid the correct minimum wage and that no wage and hour laws are being violated by your employer is to have a professional employment lawyer investigate.

A lawyer can review your wage statements and determine if any law is being violated. If you believe you have not been paid your due salary or overtime, and if you have not been allowed to take breaks as mentioned in the law, contact us at Khashan Law at 951.461.2387 for free, confidential consultation.