Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment lawyers

Many employees are victims of workplace sexual harassment, but they do not take any steps in fear or losing their job or getting low ratings and reviews for their work or in fear of getting demoted. Victims may be filled with anger, disgust and a loss of self-esteem but are helpless as many a times the owner or manager of the company is the person responsible for the sexual harassment.

If you or your family members have been the victims of workplace sexual harassment in California, do not ignore it. Workplace sexual harassment by co-workers or managers or company owners is illegal in California and you have legal options to fight the wrongs and get them punished.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Law:

The California law recognizes two types of workplace sexual harassment cases:

  • Quid pro quo harassment: In this case a manager or a senior in the company demands sexual favors as a condition of employment.
  • Hostile work environment: In this case the employer willingly allows an oppressive and offending work environment based on sex to continue in the organization. Which results in adverse impact on an employee’s work.

In most cases, women are the victims of workplace sexual harassment cases, but men can also be the victims of such behaviors too.

What can be accounted as Workplace Sexual Harassment?

  • Unwanted sexual advances or invitations at work by co-workers or managers
  • Making sexual gestures or inappropriate staring at someone.
  • Sharing or showing sexually provocative pictures or objects
  • Making degrading comments or lewd remarks or cracking sexually explicit jokes
  • Commenting on a person’s body or clothing etc.
  • Unwanted touching or obstructing an employee to move
  • Demanding sexual favours in return of employment benefits or continuation of employment

California labour law protects victims of workplace sexual harassment or individuals who have witnessed sexual harassment of their colleagues or friends or individuals who are supporting the victims.

Workplace Sexual harassment is not always about sexual desire or motivation, it can be to show control or for abusing power. Workplace Sexual harassment laws completely gender neutral, the harasser can be of any gender and the victim also need not be of the opposite sex.

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