Roof crush accident

Roof crush accident

Over the years a number of federal standards have been established to strengthen the design of passenger vehicles in order to protect the occupants of the vehicles. Car manufacturers undertake crash tests, to ensure that the defined standards are met. However crash testing in simulated conditions in the lab or enclosed areas may at times not be enough, in real accidents the design defects would become disastrously apparent. These defects will become highly apparent when the vehicle experiences a tragic roof crush accident.

Many SUVs are known to have an inadequate roof structure either because of poorly placed roof pillars or due to some design flaws. In the event of the SUV rolling over in an accident, the roof caves in.

Knowing the violent force at which the vehicle rolls over, some kind of caving in or crushing is expected. However a well-designed vehicle will protect the passenger compartment, keeping it safe from major cave ins. However having a weak or defective roof structure will result in a catastrophic roof crush accident. If the roof crushes or caves in more than a foot during the accident, there is a serious risk of injuring the heads of the occupants of the vehicle. A hit on the head can lead to brain damage, spinal cord injuries and in worse cases death.

In worse cases, a displaced roof pillar may cause the seat belt to droop or loosen up, whereby increasing the chances of throwing the occupant out from the passenger compartment in case of a crash.

A roof crush accident generally occurs when the car rolls over, and the weak roofs of the SUV are not able to withstand the combined force and weight of the vehicle. This results in the roof caving in and injuring passengers in the car. Roof crush injuries can result in severe head, neck and spinal cord injuries. It has been observed that in almost 90% of accidents the drivers are most seriously injured in the event of a roof crush.

Roof crush accident cases against the car manufacturer will be fiercely contested by them. As once they are proven guilty they will have to pay huge sums in settlement and have to accept that there was an issue with the car manufacturing. Such cases require a well-funded and experienced lawyer who can take on these strong lobby of car Manufacturers. The manufacturer will always try to prove that the injuries caused to the victim were due to factors other than the roof crush. They can blame it on speed of the vehicle or the force of the impact etc. In such cases, we at Khashan Law will utilize expert witnesses for demonstrating the accident, and show how the roof caving in caused or enhanced the injuries, to give a fitting reply to the manufacturer’s defence.

An experienced lawyer can prove that in case of an ejection from the car after a rollover accident, the underlying cause of the injuries is the roof crush. The roof cave in can cause malfunctioning of the seat belts and air bags, and the windows to shatter whereby throwing out the victim from the car on impact. With our experience we can prove in court that the ejection of the victim was caused by the roof crush and not because of the seat belt. Contact us at (951) 461-2387 for a free and confidential consultation.

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