Gas Explosion Accident

Gas explosion lawyer

Gas explosion accidents are of many types, they may involve gasoline or kerosene or
butane or LP gas. These accidents can become disastrous, even when a small volume of the flammable liquid or gas
gets exposed to an ignition source. Gas explosion accident can be a result of malfunctioning products at home
like water heaters, dryers, stoves, cooking range etc. Any defect in the heating and cooling system in the house
can result in a dangerous gas explosion accident.

These accidents are very likely to occur in gas storage environments if the safety rules
are not followed and hazardous areas do not have warning signs posted. A number of times, in instances where the
gas is not properly odorized, a gas leakage can cause asphyxiation.

Common Causes of Gas Explosion Accidents

A number of products can cause natural gas leaks if they are not built or tested
properly before installation. Negligence at the time of installation or not following the safety regulations
can also prompt gas leaks resulting in explosions. Some of the instances under which defective products or
negligence on part of the operator or installer can lead to gas explosion accidents are:

  • Gas leakage from flex pipes or valves present in gas ovens
  • Inappropriate ventilation system in propane tanks
  • Faulty installation and fitting of gas furnaces, water heaters etc
  • Negligence on part of the landlords or other responsible parties, failing to inspect or maintain the
    different appliances operating on gas.

In most cases the explosions just do not happen suddenly, there are warning signs
indicating something is going to happen, but the responsible parties fail to notice them and take corrective
actions. This ends up in triggering catastrophic gas explosion accidents.

Impact on the Victims of Gas Explosion Accident:

  • Fractures or bone injuries
  • Cuts, Scratches and Abrasions
  • Severe burns
  • Injuries to the head resulting in brain damage
  • Injuries to the spinal cord, neck and limbs

A victim of severe burns because of a gas explosion accident will require extensive
medical care to recover from the complex injuries. They are at a higher risk of contracting infections, and
suffer from sepsis and organ failure. The medical bills are huge and the victims may lose their ability to
work again and may no longer have the funds to take care of the hospitalisation needs and future needs. In
California, victims of gas explosion accidents can file for a personal injury claim to obtain compensation
from the negligent companies. Contacting an experienced gas explosion accident lawyer, is the best option
for the victim, as the lawyers can help in recovering the best compensation.

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