California break time law

The California employment law entitles the workers and employees of an organisation, a meal
break and periodic breaks for rest during the workday. This provision in the law is often violated by employers who
do not provide the required meal or rest breaks to their employees. They force them to work through their meal time,
refuse them to take breaks to visit the bathroom, cut their salaries for the breaks they take, etc. Any kind of
break time violations by the employer can be challenged by the employees under the California wage and hour laws.

What are the break time Violations?

California’s wage and hour labour laws support the employees and they aim to keep workers
and employees healthy and content in their jobs. The law makes it compulsory to provide meal and rest breaks for
most employees. Under the law all employees can avail one unpaid, uninterrupted 30-minute meal break after every
five hours of work. If the employee has a shift of only six hours or lesser, then he can waive off the need for meal
break and complete his work hours at a stretch. Employees working for ten hours or more can take one more meal break
of 30 minutes if required.

Employees are also entitled to 10-minute rest breaks after every four hours of work. These
10 minutes are paid breaks and should be completely off-duty time. The employees cannot be forced to start or end
their breaks early to complete work. The breaks should be completely uninterrupted and they can even leave the
company premises if required.

If the employer violates any of the above break time related laws, they could be tried under
break time violations.

Compensation for break time violations:

An employer will have to pay the employee for the 30 minute meal break, if he expects the
employee to work during that period.

Your current or past employer has to pay you extra for one hour for each day that your meal
or rest break times were violated. He will need to pay additional corresponding overtime pay if any. We at Khashan
Law have handled a number of break time violations cases. We have recovered the best compensation for our clients
through individual and class action claims.

If you feel your employer is responsible for break time violations, then you are entitled to
retroactive pay for all the break time violations. Our team of experienced lawyers will help you understand you
rights and file a claim on your behalf. Call us at (951) 461-2387 for a free, confidential consultation.

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