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Dana williams
Dana Williams
February 4, 2021.
The Khashan Firm helped me in one of my darkest hours. Without going into detail, they went above and beyond to help me. Other firms before them did absolutely a minimum effort with no results. it wasn't just a paycheck and truly cared about my case. Lewis Khashan himself stepped up and personally involved himself to get , which I believe, was the best possible outcome. Outstanding Job!
Mohammed najar
Mohammed Najar
January 3, 2020.
Very helpful and friendly staff. Lewis is the best attorney I have had a privilege to work with.
Kara poorbaugh
Kara Poorbaugh
November 14, 2019.
The staff is very informative and helpful. They were courteous and didn’t make me feel incompetent. I appreciate their attention to the details on legal issues, much of which was foreign to me. They are knowledgeable in accidents and will guide you in the right direction. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a firm who will have your back!
Angela o’brien
Angela O’Brien
November 7, 2019.
I would highly recommend Khashan law firm. Mr Khashan and his stuff are amazing I couldn’t ask for a better team to represent us.
Nevaeh berry
Nevaeh Berry
November 5, 2019.
Mr. Khashan was very easy to talk to and trust. His knowledge helps for you to feel at ease and know everything will be ok
Veronica salcido
veronica salcido
November 12, 2018.
Mr. Khashaw is very knowledgeable, understanding and thoughtful. I felt like he was truly listening to all my concerns. I highly recommend his law firm.
Belen c
Belen C
October 19, 2018.
BIG WIN & amazing customer service! I received prodigious treatment and Lewis was always in communication with my doctors. When the case settled Lewis worked hard to take care of all the bills I had received. The entire process was so easy and stress free.Thank you Khashan Law Firm!
Aseneth calvillo
Aseneth Calvillo
October 19, 2018.
Lewis gave me great guidance and insight on a matter that required some legal action. Professional and thoughtful. Thank you Khashan Law.