Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination lawyer

Wrongful termination in California is defined when an employee is fired from his job for an illegal reason. In such circumstances, the employee can sue the employer to recover damages. In a number of cases, the employer is asked to pay a substantial amount of penalties and costs to the wrongfully terminated employee.

Before going ahead let us learn about a few terms which will help us understand the California law with regards to wrongful termination.

  • At Will Rule: The California “at-will” employment law rule says that an employment which has no specific term can be terminated by either the employee or employer by giving prior notice. “Wrongful”
  • Wrongful: Any termination which violates a fundamental public policy would be called wrongful.

Are There Exceptions to the Employment-At-Will Rule?

Yes, there are a number of exceptions to the “employment-at-will” rules, some of them are:

  • Termination due to discrimination because of gender, age, race etc. which is protected by law
  • Termination in response to complaint against harassment or discrimination
  • Termination resulting due to whistleblowing by the employee about the violations of law by the company with regards to health, safety etc.

How to file a suit for wrongful termination?

For a filing a suit for wrongful termination, an employee has to follow all the required administrative procedures which have been specified under the California labor laws. Other than that the employee should be able to prove that the termination has violated the public poliy.

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