On Wednesday morning one person got injured in an early morning big rig truck Accident on Highway 101 near San Martin Avenue. A big rig was traveling southbound on the highway when it hit a guardrail before swerving into the northbound vehicles. It crashed into several oncoming vehicles. At least one person was injured and had to be transported to the hospital for treatment.

The accident occurred at 7 a.m. on Wednesday, 30th June 2021. The crash is being investigated. No additional information about the rig driver or the injured victim is available. Big Rig trucks are huge in size and weight, accidents involving them generally cause serious injuries or deaths.

Big Rig accidents can result in serious injuries like whiplash, nerve damage, fractures and broken bones, cuts and bruises, internal injuries, brain spinal cord injuries etc.

Big rig accident cases are more complicated as compared to other types of traffic accidents. It is very important to determine the liable party in a Big Rig accident, whether it is the truck driver or the trucking company or both. An experienced big rig truck accident lawyer can help study the case and determine the liable parties.

They have the knowledge and experience to protect the victims’ rights and interests against the aggressive opposition put up by the corporate lawyers of the trucking companies. Khashan Law firm is an experienced personal injury law firm. Our team of professional lawyers have the skills, experience and right resources to determine the liable party and how much compensation you as a victim deserve.

In our, over two decades of experience, we have successfully handled all kinds of truck accident cases. Some of the most common causes for big rig accidents or truck crashes are:
• Driving error
• Distracted driving
• Drunk driving
• Fatigue and sleepiness
• Negligence on part of trucking company
• Improper loading of cargo
• Unsecured cargo
• Defective or malfunctioning truck parts or truck

In most cases when a commercial truck or a big rig crashes into another vehicle, it is the passengers of the smaller vehicle who suffer the maximum injuries and damages. Commercial trucks drive across the whole country through interstates, thoroughfares, arterial roads and byways.

Professional Lawyer for Big Rig Truck Accident

The drivers are usually overworked and under-rested causing unfortunate accidents or crashes. As a victim of a truck accident or big rig accident, it is important you hire an experienced lawyer to represent you.

Personal injury lawyers can help you understand your rights under California laws. At Khashan Law Firm we help big rig accident victims who have experienced injuries and property damage get the compensation they deserve. It is difficult for the victims to stand up against the insurance companies and fight for their rights.

We believe in protecting our client’s rights and interests, we negotiate with the insurance companies on our clients’ behalf and take the case to court if required. Contact us at 951.461.2387 for a free and confidential consultation today.