California elite School discloses alleged sexual misconduct

The Thacher School is one of the most elite private schools in California charging $64,700 a year as fees. In a shocking disclosure, the school acknowledged decades of allegations related to student sexual misconduct, workplace harassment and “boundary crossing” by faculty members. The school acknowledged the allegations and posted a complied report stating the incidents… Read More

Massage therapist accused of sexual assault In Wildamor

On Monday, May 3rd 2021, a massage therapist in Wildomar was arrested Monday on suspicion of sexual assault a client. The victim had scheduled an appointment for a therapist through Soothe, a mobile wellness provider that offers at-home massage therapy. The appointment was scheduled at Chino Hills, where the 38-year-old Omar De Soto allegedly sexually… Read More

FSMB takes action against Sexual Misconduct by Physicians

More than 700 women had accused ex-gynaecologist George Tyndall of sexually abusing and assault while being treated by him. The victims also accused the University of Southern California of covering up for Tyndall. Though he denied any wrongdoing, the ex-gynaecologist’s medical license was revoked and was charged with sexual assault under the guise of gynaecological… Read More