On Monday, May 3rd 2021, a massage therapist in Wildomar was arrested Monday on suspicion of sexual assault a client. The victim had scheduled an appointment for a therapist through Soothe, a mobile wellness provider that offers at-home massage therapy. The appointment was scheduled at Chino Hills, where the 38-year-old Omar De Soto allegedly sexually assaulted the victim.

Gary Pfeiffer, Soothe’s chief marketing officer stated that De Soto worked as an independent massage therapist with Soothe and was not an employee of the company. Pfeiffer said that the company monitors all activity and has a zero-tolerance policy for anyone having issues related to their criminal history, massage therapist license or insurance.

The Sheriff’s department said that De Soto was arrested from his residence on suspicion of penetration with a foreign object. He was held on a $100,000 bail.

The California Massage Therapy Council that is responsible for certifying massage professionals in the state, confirmed that De Soto was a certified massage therapist. The Sheriff’s department believes there may be many more victims. They have urged anyone having information about De Soto or the incident to contact the Sheriff’s Department at 909-364-2000.

If you or your family member has been a victim of sexual assault do not keep quite. You have a right to justice. Get in touch with a professional sexual assault lawyer who can help file a lawsuit on your behalf.

California – Sexual Assault

In California, victims of sexual assault can pursue justice both through a civil and a criminal case. Civil lawsuits on sexual assualt are about much more than getting monetary compensation. At times civil lawsuits are the only ways in which the victims can hold their offenders accountable. It helps them achieve some closure and help prevent similar instances from happening with someone else.

Sexual assault is a broad term that can apply to a number of offenses. It is important for the people of California to understand the laws dealing with sexual assault in the state.

Offenders committing sexual assaults would face criminal prosecution from the state. The victims can file a civil claim against the offender too.  In California, sex crimes are punishable under both California and federal law. Crimes related to sexual assault crimes fall under the misdemeanor or felony classifications depending on many factors like the age of the victim. There is no statute of limitations in criminal cases in California.

In California, a victim of sexual assault or abuse can file a civil claim for damages, even if there is no police report or conviction in the criminal case. The victim or their families can be eligible for compensation for medical expenses, hospitalization costs, loss of income or job, damages for emotional and physical pain and suffering.

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