55-year-old Robert Quesada a resident of San Diego, California has been charged with a list of felonies in relation to sexual assault and sexual abuse of a 7-year-old Willmar juvenile. He was accused in 2015 of assaulting the minor over several months.

Robert Quesada was presented before Eighth Judicial District Judge Melissa Listug and charged on five counts of felony first-degree criminal sexual conduct and five counts of felony second-degree criminal sexual conduct. The charges are in relation to five incidents that have been alleged to occur over several months in 2015.

Quesada’s application for a public defender was denied by Judge Listug as he was not financially eligible for the same. His bail was set aside at $150,000. He was arrested on June 10 after a warrant was issued against him on May 26, 2021.

In a criminal complaint filed by the juvenile with the law enforcement, the victim stated that she was sexually assaulted by Quesada on five separate occasions between April 2015 and November 2015.

The alleged sexual assaults included intercourse, oral sex and inappropriate touching. The juvenile was only 7 years old at the time of the assault. The incidents allegedly occurred when the victim was alone with Quesada in a Willmar residence

The juvenile’s mother told law enforcement that she was unaware of the alleged abuse until she was informed by her daughter about the same a month ago.

According to the mother of the victim, Quesada lives in Tijuana, Mexico but works in San Diego and Los Angeles. He has dual citizenship in Mexico and the United States. Quesada’s San Diego address was listed as his current address in the court document.

Sexual Abuse in California

Most victims of sexual abuse find it difficult to cope with the significant emotional and mental suffering caused by their abuser. They may suffer from physical injuries that occurred due to the assault. Criminal proceedings by the state against the abuser may or may not result in appropriate punishment to the abuser.

However, as a victim of sexual abuse one can hire an experienced sexual abuse lawyer to file a civil claim against the abuser and any other person or entity which can be held responsible for ignoring the warning signs and allowed abuse to happen under their watch.

What is considered as Sexual abuse?

Any unwanted sexual attention, contact, or activity is considered to be sexual abuse. Some of the activities which can be considered as a form of sexual abuse are:
• Clicking and/or sharing sexual photos or videos of a person without permission
• Demanding unwelcome sexual requests
• Baring and exposing genitals to someone or forcing someone to expose theirs
• Coercing someone to watch pornographic material
• Unwanted oral sex performed on or by someone
• Coercing someone to touch genitalia or touching someone else’s genitalia
• Forced penetration for intercourse or with an object

Our society’s most vulnerable members like children and teens are often victims such disgusting behaviors and actions. They are controlled and taken advantage by people in position of power. Children are coerced and threatened so that they don’t open up about the abuse. It is very important to help such victims of sexual abuse get their due justice.

How a Sexual Abuse Lawyer Can Help ?

Every individual has a right to live happily. No person has a right to cause you harm and let you live in pain. A California sexual abuse lawyer can help the victims to fight for their rights and move positively into the future. To schedule a consultation and to know more about the legal options available to a sexual abuse survivor contact us at Khashan law firm on 951.461.2387 today.