Construction Site Accident

July 13, 2022

Construction work is inherently risky. Injury risk is significantly higher than in other industries. According to a recent report, approximately 80,000 construction workers are injured on the job each year, causing them to miss work.

Being hurt on a construction site can be a very unpleasant and traumatic experience. This can happen even if you are working on a site that has tried to follow all of the available safety protocols.

This guide has been created to assist you if you have already been injured on a construction site or are concerned about what you should do if you are injured. Continue reading to learn about the important steps to take after a construction site accident.

Important Steps To Take After A Construction Site Accident

There are various important steps you should take:

Seek Medical Help

It is important that you seek medical attention immediately, regardless of how minor the injury is. If you work in a well-managed construction company, you will have a doctor on-site immediately to assess the injury.

Furthermore, you may be entitled to free coverage through your employer or Medicare that you can use to file your medical claim. Besides that, if you have a valid contract, you should be entitled to compensation during your recovery period. If you are a freelancer and experience a sudden loss of income, you must secure an alternative income stream or rely on friends and family for assistance.

Notify Your Employer

After you have addressed any immediate health concerns, you must notify your employer as soon as possible. Many states have laws requiring employees to report accidents within a specific time frame. Even if your state does not have such a law, reporting an accident as soon as possible serves several purposes:

  •  Reporting the accident will help you get your workers’ compensation claim processed faster and avoid unnecessary delays.
  •  Reporting your accident strengthens your claim in the eyes of your employer, insurance company, and court.
  • When an accident occurs, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to take specific steps. These steps often help prevent the accident from reoccurring and injuring other employees. Unfortunately, your employer cannot take these steps if unaware of the accident.

When reporting the accident, make a written report and request a copy. When recounting what happened, be as specific as possible and include every detail you can recall. A well-written report will be invaluable if a dispute arises down the road.

Gather Information

Gathering as much information as possible about your accident and injuries is vital. All this information will help ensure you are compensated as soon as possible. You should collect the following information:

Witness contact information- Request contact information from any witnesses to the accident. Do not push the issue if the witness is hesitant to provide you with the information. Your attorney will be able to obtain the information later, and you do not want to annoy a potentially helpful witness.

Photographs- Photograph the accident scene if at all possible. This is especially important if your employer fails to provide you with the necessary safety equipment, as documented by the photographs. You should also take photographs of any damage sustained due to the accident (cracked headgear, torn shirt, bruised arm, etc.)

Medical records- You must begin tracking your medical expenses to be fairly compensated for them in the future. In addition, you should begin keeping a journal to document the accident’s impact on your daily life.

Correspondence with your employer- Make a folder to keep copies of every written correspondence with your employer. Additionally, keep a record of any correspondence you have with your employer regarding the incident or your injuries (telephone calls, in-person conversations, etc.)

Consult With An Attorney

You may be entitled to fair compensation if you are involved in a construction accident. In general, there are two ways to seek compensation for construction-related injuries:

Workers’ compensation claim – This is a type of insurance that provides medical benefits as well as wage replacement to employees who are injured at work. Workers’ compensation laws, however, differ from state to state.

As a result, before beginning the filing process, you should familiarize yourself with the local laws. Moreover, by filing a workers’ compensation claim, you waive your right to sue for personal injury, making the former your sole remedy.

Personal Injury Lawsuit – When a workers’ compensation claim is unavailable for your situation, you can file a personal injury lawsuit claim to pursue the at-fault party and receive compensation for your injuries.

We at Khashan Law Firm are dedicated to representing injured individuals on the work site as well as family members of construction workers who have lost loved ones in tragic construction accidents. We have won various construction site injury cases and assisted victims in receiving total compensation for their present and future damages. Call (951) 461-2387 for a free, no-obligation consultation.