accused of sexual assault

63-year-old William Hutchison, a prominent real estate developer in Texas and a reality TV personality, has been accused of sexual assault on a 16-year-old girl.

As per the lawsuit Hutchinson used his wealth and power to groom the girl before sexually assaulting her in Texas and California. The girl’s identity has not been revealed and is referred to as Jane Doe in court papers.

The civil lawsuit filed on Monday alleges that Hutchison’s development company, Dunhill Partners and its employees along with Virgin Hotels Dallas which he co-owns aided and financed the abuse. The company has been accused of helping finance the alleged sexual abuse as Hutchinson used the company travel accounts and property.

Employees of the Virgin Hotel in Dallas have been accused of regularly providing alcohol to the girls at Hutchinson’s behest. Hutchinson also arranged for Jane Doe and her friend to get work at the hotel. The multi-millionaire has also been accused of supplying Jane Doe and other young girls with alcohol and marijuana when they visited his properties in Florida, California and a resort in Arizona.

On July 13 Hutchison was asked to appear at the Newport Beach courthouse where he pleaded not guilty to one felony count of rape of an unconscious person and five misdemeanour counts of sexual battery. He also pleaded not guilty to a sexual assault charge in Highland Park, Texas.

As per the new civil lawsuit filed by Jane Doe, she met Hutchinson through some of her teenage friends who were living at his Highland Park home. She said that when her parents relocated to Fort Worth, she moved in with Hutchinson and his family so that she could finish her junior year at Highland Park High School and stay around her friends.

She said she was first sexually assaulted by Hutchison sometime between April 1 and April 5, 2021, at his Laguna Beach house. The assault began with Hutchinson massaging and touching her and making her sit on his lap when they were together in a hot tub at the house.

The day after the hot tub incident, the girl found Hutchinson staring at her when she woke up in the morning. On the next day when she woke up, she found him rubbing himself against her. She alleges the next morning he raped her when she was asleep.

According to her attorney’s after the incident, Jane Doe felt “confused” and “ashamed” though she felt “indebted” to Hutchinson for his great generosity. Hutchison had provided the victim and her best friends with luxurious travel to exotic locations, treated them at fancy restaurants, giving them the freedom to do what they wanted which included providing them with alcohol and marijuana.

The lawsuit states that providing luxuries and freedom to a naive sixteen-year-old was a compelling arrangement that Hutchinson exploited for his own deviant benefit. He sexually abused the girl both in Laguna Beach and Highland Park homes before the girl mustered up the courage and went to the police in May 2021.

The lawsuit has described Hutchison as a methodical and deliberate predator and seeks an unspecified amount of monetary damages.

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