Alameda County vehicle crash

A person lost his life in a single-car crash in Alameda County. Authorities said that a person died on Monday night in a fatal single-car crash on a rural road in unincorporated Alameda County.

Officers from the California Highway Patrol responded to a report of a car overturning on Redwood Road near Pinehurst Road at 9:23 p.m., according to CHP Officer Damian Cistaro.

Officers arrived and located a vehicle with at least one person trapped inside. Cistaro stated that the person was pronounced dead at the scene. The officers will handle identification, pending next-of-kin notification.

There were no other reports of injury or information about what happened before the crash. Anyone with information regarding this crash can contact the Castro Valley office of the California Highway Patrol at 510-581-9082.

Single Vehicle Accidents that are Compensable

Despite the name, single-vehicle accidents are often caused by another driver’s reckless behaviour on the road or another party’s negligence.

When a driver swerves to avoid a vehicle weaving between lanes, or when a motorist hits a poorly maintained stretch of highway, for example, a single-vehicle crash may occur. In addition, defective automobile parts can also cause single-vehicle accidents.

Some single-vehicle collisions are caused by someone other than the driver’s actions or negligence. Victims of single-vehicle accidents may be able to sue for financial compensation in these situations.

Some of these includes:

  • Design flaws in automobiles commonly cause rollover accidents. Because of the roof crush, these accidents are generally fatal. The carmaker is responsible for the product problem in this case. Cars built to safety standards do not quickly topple over, and their roofs are strong enough to withstand impact, saving the lives of the drivers and passengers within.
  • Obstructed or nonexistent road signs can also result in serious car accidents. In this case, the entity in responsibility of road maintenance is liable. Single-vehicle crashes can also be caused by items in the middle of the road, such as an automotive part falling off another vehicle or a cargo item from a truck. The driver or owner of the vehicle responsible for leaving that item could also be held liable.
  • When brakes, engines, or lights do not work correctly, it can put a driver in danger. A personal injury lawsuit might be filed if a crash occurs as a result of a defective part.

Single Vehicle Accident Lawyers

We at Khashan Law have witnessed over the years how insurance companies make it difficult for victims of single-vehicle accidents to obtain damages for injuries caused in the crash.

As insurance companies keep rejecting their claims, victims end up receiving inadequate settlements or even giving up on their cases.

Our experienced team will ensure that our clients receive complete compensation for their current and future damages. For a free, confidential consultation, call us today at (951) 461-2387.