Accident on 60 Freeway in Ontario

Motorcyclist Christian Robinson, 25 -year- old died at the scene. The accident occurred around 6:50 a.m morning. According to the California Highway Patrol, a 2021 Harley Davidson driving on the highway heading westbound and took an evasive turn.

As a result, Rider Robinson was ejected off his motorcycle. The official said Robinson was afterwards hit by a semi-trailer driven by a 52-year-old Fontana’s Fernando Robledo.

Three traffic lanes on Westbound Freeway 60 were blocked for investigators to investigate the scene. And, all lanes reopened by 10:30 a.m. Robledo stayed on-site and cooperated with the authorities.

The police are continuing their investigation. Therefore, anyone with information can call the Rancho Cucamonga office of the California Highway Patrol at (909) 980-3994.

What are the main causes of motorcycle accidents in California?

Motorcycle accidents often occur because of negligent or reckless drivers. Some common reasons for motorcycle accidents in California are:

  • Head-on collision of a motorcycle

Collisions between other vehicles and motorcycles accounted for more than half of the death toll from motorcycle accidents. In most of these accidents, a car or truck collides with a motorcycle from the front. These accidents often occur at intersections when the driver of a vehicle runs through a red light or stop sign or is eager to overtake.

  • Car making left-hand turns

When a motorcyclist goes straight through an intersection, overtakes, or attempts to overtake, the turning vehicle generally hits the motorcyclist. Although left-turning accidents pose a risk to all, motorcyclists are at greater risk because motorcycles are smaller, and have less visibility to turning vehicles.

Drivers who drive vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs pose a risk to other drivers and pedestrians. Due to the slower reaction speed and poor perception of drunk driving, they pose a greater risk to motorcyclists.

  • Motorcycles Lane splitting

Splitting of Lane is a practice in which motorcyclists drive between vehicles that stop or move in the same lane. Although lane splitting is illegal in many states, a law that took effect in 2017 makes lane splitting legal in California.

Lane splitting decreases the risk of rear-end crashes. However, lane splitting can lead to accidents due to elements such as cars or trucks close to motorcycles, small spaces in which motorcycles can manoeuvre, and Drivers who are not expected to be overtaken by motorcycles in slow or stopped traffic. Now that lane splitting is legal in California, motorcyclists injured in accidents are more likely to receive compensation.

  • Road Hazard

Another common reason for motorcycle mishaps in California is debris, uneven roads, small objects, cracks, potholes, wet leaves, and wet roads. Although motorcyclists should be aware of these dangers, the city, county, or state may be held responsible for improper road maintenance.

Motorcycle Accident Claims Compensable in California

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you can get compensation for the following damages:

  •  Medical fees, Hospital bills
  •  Physical or occupational therapy
  •  Medicines, and medical supplies
  •  Loss of wages
  •  Lose the ability to make money
  •  The consortium that has lost for a spouse or domestic partner
  •  Disfigurement or loss of limbs
  •  Scarring
  •  Pain and suffering

Motor Accidents Lawyers

Motorcycle accidents often cause serious injury to the rider and require a long recovery time. The personal injury attorneys at Khashan Law will strive for maximum compensation for your injury, including compensation for your current and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and property damage caused by motorcycle accidents.

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