Military Vehicle Rollover crash on 215 Freeway

According to authorities, the military vehicle was involved in a rollover accident on Southbound 215 Freeway in Menifee, California, on Wednesday afternoon.

This military transport truck rolled over after crashing and eventually came off the embankment into a hardware store parking lot. Officials confirmed that the rollover accident resulted in 5 people being hospitalized with moderate to minor injuries.

As per the California Highway Patrol(CHP), the accident occurred at around 12:40 pm, on Freeway 215 in Menifee, just south of McCall Boulevard.

Officials from the CHP said the six-wheeler was part of a convoy and may have come from the US Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton. The military vehicle was dragging a large trailer and suddenly lost control, turned from the right shoulder of the interstate, crossed the highway, and eventually landed sideways.

According to a report from the Riverside County Fire Department, the force of the rollover accident caused the military rig to land at the Sun City Hardware Parking Lot at 28250 McCall Boulevard.

There were reports that the accident caused a fuel leak, and a hazardous materials team was dispatched to clean up. A team of paramedics from the Riverside County Fire Department arrived at the scene a few minutes after the accident.

According to CHP, shortly after the accident officials closed the slow lane southbound on 215 Freeway, and Sigalert was sent out at around 1 p.m. Because of the closure and its impact on traffic. The investigation began shortly after the military vehicle rollover accident was confirmed, but the cause of the accident is unclear.

Injuries in Rollover Accidents

A rollover collision can cause serious damage, resulting in devastating losses. People involved in such accidents can also be seriously injured, depending on the extent of the impact.

These injuries include Head injury and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) Neck injuries such as whiplash, spondylolisthesis, herniated disc, and nerve damage, Spinal Cord, and Other Serious Back Injuries, Broken bone Lacerations, contusions, and soft tissue injuries, such as torn ligaments muscle and tendon strains.

What causes a rollover accident in California?

Any vehicle can roll over and several factors can cause these dangerous accidents:

  •  Speed- Whether the driver is speeding or changing lanes suddenly, the risk of overturning is high. Speed accounts for 40% of fatal rollover accidents.
  • Alcohol and/or drugs- Fatal rollover accidents usually involve a person driving while drunk.
  • Location- Rollover accidents are more likely to occur on rural roads because they usually have no obstacles and no separation. Bad roads often involve these types of accidents.
  •  Driver error- Driver behaviour, such as distraction, road anger, or falling asleep on the steering wheel, often plays a key role in these types of collisions.
  • Defective auto parts- Auto parts such as exploding tires, can cause rollover accidents, leading to product liability cases.

Rollover Accident Lawyers

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