California Teacher charged with rape

Krystal Jackson, 39-year-old, was arrested on Friday. Before her most recent position, she taught in several other schools in the district.The Sheriff’s Office received a tip about a potentially sexual relationship between Jackson and a student and initiated an investigation.

The investigators found out that Jackson and the boy met at Dunlap Leadership Academy. During an unspecified time, Jackson had many one-on-one meetings with the student and had sexual misconduct.

According to a Fresno County official, The worst part is that the victim was abused. However, so is the fact that our suspect is in a position of trust.

Jackson is charged with rape, oral copulation with a child, sex abuse of a child, lewd acts with a child, communicating with the child for felony, and meeting for lewd purposes.

The Kings Canyon Unified School District conveyed a statement saying they are cooperating with the investigation, but will not release any personal information.

Further investigation is ongoing to determine the locations where sexual abuse may have happened between Jackson and her now-former student. There may be other victims who have not reported Jackson’s illegal activities.

Anyone with any information is asked to reach out to Detective Jose Leon at (559) 600-8205 or Crime Stoppers at (559) 488-7867

The Elements of Abuse in Child in California

One of the most severe and life-changing offences is child abuse. In California, child abuse is described as a felony and thus subject to lengthy guidelines and strict penalties under comprehensive laws.

Child abuse occurs when a person is proven to have the following behaviours: causing unjustifiable mental or physical pain to the child, deliberately allowing or causing the child to suffer unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering, deliberately allow or harm the child’s health, willfully endanger the child’s health, the child was under their custody.

The law requires parents or people entrusted with their children to not allow minors to suffer, be injured, or be in danger. In this case, deliberate means that the defendant acted voluntarily or deliberately, and knew the consequences of their actions very well. In this case, the child will be a person under eighteen (18) years old.

Mental or physical pain that is Unjustifiable, is the kind of pain not considered necessary or one that is excessive under provided circumstances. Criminal negligence has been used to refer to beyond-normal negligence or parental failure or caregivers to pay close attention to children on their part.

Child Abuse Lawyers in California

It is extremely difficult to go through the trauma and muster the courage to come forward after experiencing childhood sexual abuse. Fortunately, the extension of the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse lawsuits in California gives survivors more time to do so.

Our Khashan Law Firm can help children who have been abused in California get justice and due compensation. We can file lawsuits against people and organizations that failed to protect children or report suspected abuse.

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