Rollover Crash at North Mission Bay Drive

In the death of a 7-year-old girl who arrived unresponsive at a hospital last week, a Hawthorne mother and her boyfriend are facing child abuse and murder charges.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced on Wednesday that officers were dispatched to Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Willowbrook shortly before 1 p.m. on September 9 to investigate what was considered to be fatal child abuse.

The unidentified victim was taken to the hospital by her mother, 30-year-old Ida Brockman, and her mother’s boyfriend, 29-year-old Malachi Whalen, in their vehicle, according to the officials.

According to the reports, the girl suffered various injuries that were inconsistent with the mother’s and boyfriend’s statements.

Investigators found a crime scene at Brockman and Whalen’s apartment in the 3000 block of El Segundo Boulevard, where Brockman and Whalen lived with the victim. There were no details revealed concerning the evidence gathered at the scene.

Whalen was charged with murder, torture, and death by child abuse. Brockman was charged with one count of murder as well as one count of child abuse resulting in a child’s death.

There were conflicts between the mother and her boyfriend, according to neighbours in the apartment complex, but no one suspected child abuse. The bail has been held at $2.6 million each.

Call the Sheriff’s Department at 323-890-5500 if you have any additional information. Crime Stoppers can be reached at 800-222-8477 if you choose to remain anonymous.

The penalties for Child Abuse in California

A misdemeanour or felony prosecution for child abuse in California depends on the defendant’s prior convictions, the injuries the child experienced, the type of abuse, and the presiding judge. If the defendant caused harm to a vulnerable child, the charges may be increased.

If charged with a misdemeanour, the defendant faces a maximum penalty of one year in county jail. They will also be required to pay reparation to the child to ensure that the child receives the medical treatment that he or she requires.

If charged with a felony, you will face a maximum term of six (6) years in state prison and a minimum penalty of two (2) years. In such a case, the criminal may be sentenced to probation, which is normally for a minimum of three (3) years.

They will be required to attend child abuse classes, perform significant community service, and comply with a protective order for the child during their probation period.

If the defendant is determined to have a drug or alcohol problem, the court may order him or her to attend Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Even if they were sentenced to two years in prison, a person who had previously been convicted of the same offence over the preceding ten years could face an extra four years in prison.

Child visitation monitors, health practitioners, animal control officers, firefighters, district attorneys, human society officers, the clergy, social workers, daycare workers, and other people who interact with children in some way are required to report any signs of abuse immediately under California law.

If it is proven that a person knew or reasonably suspected that a child was being mistreated, or that they saw a child being abused and did not report it to a child protective agency, they could face serious consequences.

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