On May 8, several wildfires burned around the Sacramento region and Northern California. A red flag warning was issued by the National Weather Service affecting most of the Sacramento Valley, forcing evacuations. It was forecasted that low humidity and winds up to 40 mph had the potential to cause the fast spreading of wildfires.

U.S. Drought Monitor reported that California is experiencing extremely dry weather. Nearly the whole state is considered to be facing moderate or worse drought conditions. Over 73% of the state is currently experiencing extreme drought conditions. On the afternoon of 8th May, a large fire started in Butte County along with small grassland fires across northern parts of California.

Around 1.45 p.m. Cal Fire’s Butte Unit responded to a fire situation which started at a 30-acre vegetation near Meridian Road and Gunnison Way in the Chico area. The fast-gushing winds caused the fire to spread quickly to 549 acres burning down the dry grass fields. In response to the fast spreading wildfires, the residents were ordered to evacuate for some hours by the Butte County Sheriff’s Office.

By evening 5.30 p.m. the residents were allowed to return back home to their houses. Two Cal Fire air tankers were flown over the Gunnison Fire, they dropped fire retardant to control the spread. Thanks to the efforts of Cal Fire crews the fire was completely under control by 9.30 p.m.

Though no homes were damaged in the fire, three outbuildings were completely destroyed and two suffered severe damages. The fire crews returned on Sunday to check on the fire and hot spots if any. Several small fires were also witnessed along highway 99 in Sacramento. Yuba City fire department also reported a significant vegetation that fire started near Olivehurst.

Damages from Wildfires in California

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Most insurance companies appoint investigators and claims adjusters to investigate whether the policyholder’s claims are valid. Most insurance companies try to settle claims for a lower amount than the coverage amount. A policyholder may have a $60,000 coverage for property damages, but in most cases, the insurance company responds with an offer of $30,000 or similar for the claim.

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