A 16-year-old California boy suffered critical injuries in a boat collision on Lake Havasu city. According to reports, the boy was in his personal watercraft when it collided with a 28-foot boat. The collision occurred on Saturday 12th May 2021 in the afternoon around 3.40 p.m.

The boy was thrown off his watercraft due to the impact of the collision. As per the authorities, the 49-year-old man steering the boat and other bystanders immediately pulled out the boy from the water and called 911. The boat accident in Lake Havasu took place in the afternoon , the main reason is been found is lack of maintenance of boat for tourist ride.

The boy was first taken to Lake Havasu State Park to meet paramedics. He was later flown to a Las Vegas Hospital. The boy is a resident of Rialto, California and is currently in extremely critical condition.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Division of Boating Safety believes that the speed and operator behavior of the personal watercraft could be the reasons behind the crash. Investigations into the crash are ongoing. Alcohol as a reason behind the crash has been ruled out.

California Boating accidents

Every year thousands are injured and hundreds are killed in boating accidents. These accidents occur on private water crafts, cruise ships, jet skis, ferries, or other types of watercrafts. More than 9, 00,000 watercrafts are registered in California alone. The problem related to water vessel accidents or collisions is very high in California. However, most of these boating accidents are avoidable. Maximum accidents are caused due to operator inexperience or inattention.

Going out on a ride in a personal watercraft or boat is a fun experience, however, it can be dangerous if not handled properly. Boating accidents can cause severe injuries and death in some instances. They occur due to several reasons like operator error, excessive speed, bad weather/water conditions, and failure to follow the maritime navigation rules.

Boating Laws

Watercraft or boat operators and owners are required to follow both state and federal laws with regards to maintenance and operation of the vessels.

As per the California Law:
• Operating a water vessel recklessly or negligently, endangering the life or property of a person is prohibited.
• Operation of watercraft near or through areas used by swimmers or divers is restricted
• Operating a vessel at an improper speed is prohibited.
• Passengers are prohibited from riding on the bow, gunwales, or any other place where there is a danger of falling overboard.
• Operating a vessel in an unsafe condition is illegal. Unsafe conditions include having fewer life jackets or fire extinguishers, not displaying navigation lights, fuel leakage, insufficient ventilation, and high accumulation of water in the bilge.

Federal laws are also applicable under the 1971 Federal Boat Safety Act.

Boating accident Lawyers

If you or your dear one has been injured or killed in a boating accident, it is advisable you appoint an experienced law firm to represent you. Do this as soon as after the accident so that the lawyers can investigate the incident and secure the evidence before it is lost or altered.

It is important to retain boating accident lawyers who have the resources to hire investigators and accident reconstruction experts to help determine the cause of the accident. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact us at Khashan Law Firm at 951.461.2387.