A 32-year-old man was hit and killed by several vehicles on Highway 99 in Modesto. The Stockton man was driving a 1996 Acura Integra when he went off the road and crashed into a ditch.

The crash occurred around 2.12 a.m. on 13th June 2021. According to the California Highway Patrol that when the accident car crashed into the ditch, the car overturned several times and the victim was thrown out of the car. The victim is believed to be wearing the seat belt but the impact of the overturning may have caused it to break free, ejecting the victim out of the car.

The driver who was the sole occupant of the car was thrown into the middle lane of the highway and was hit by several moving cars. None of the drivers stopped to help the victim nor called 911.

The California Highway Patrol is looking for the multiple drivers who struck the man after he was ejected during a rollover crash. Unfortunately, the victim suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene of the car accident.

The investigation is underway and the traffic on the highway was halted for several hours post the accident. The CHP has requested any drivers who were involved in the crash or believe they might have been to get in touch with the CHP’s Modesto office at 209-545-7440 or the CHP’s nonemergency dispatch center at 209-356-2800.

Car Accidents in California

California is a flourishing state of California with thousands of commuters commuting on its highways. At the times the traffic is so high the vehicles are bumper-to-bumper increasing the chances of rear-end collisions. Motorcyclists freely overtake and cut lanes increasing the risk for sideswipe incidents or collisions when lanes merge.

While driving downtown the driver needs to drive carefully, being attentive all the time as there are hundreds of pedestrians and bicyclists on the road. A car accident can occur suddenly in a split second. The majority of car crashes in California are preventable, around 94% of the car accidents can be attributed to human error.

Focus on the road, efficiently driving and proper maintenance of the car can help reduce the chances of a car crash or accident. Negligence, reckless driving and violating the traffic laws are some of the most common car accident reasons.

How can a car accident lawyer help you?

Professional car accident lawyers are aware of the common causes of the accident are and know how to fight for compensation. Whether a victim has suffered burn injuries, fractures, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or other damages the lawyer can help recover compensation for the losses suffered. Families of victims who have lost their lives in the accident have a right to receive justice and compensation for their losses.

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