Jurupa Valley Crash

The accident happened around 11:06 P.M on Thursday. Under unknown circumstances, a car crashed at an intersection of Mission Boulevard and Crestmore Road in Jurupa Valley, and a person was trapped in the car. Due to the force, another person was ejected.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, both passengers were taken to the hospital in critical condition, and one of them is undergoing surgery.

The officials believe that the vehicle was speeding and got out of control, then hit a curb and a palm tree and rolled off the embankment.

Whether alcohol or drugs is a factor in the collision is not confirmed. The accident is under further investigation During the investigation, Mission Boulevard, Crestmore Road, and Rubidoux Drive were closed.

What are the leading causes of Single Vehicle accidents in California?

  • The most common accidents are run-off-the-road accidents, which occur when the car is speeding and is quickly turning on a slippery road, when it loses control or when the driver is driving while intoxicated.
  • Collision into debris or trees falling on the road.
  •  Due to uneven or damaged roads or work operated on the road, or collisions due to signs of worn-out signboards.
  •  Slippery roads are due to ice patches.
  •  In a few cases, the accident may not be the driver’s fault or the fault of a third party. For example, a deer passing by your vehicle on the road may force the driver to change lanes or brake suddenly, causing a collision or accident. In this case, the recovery must be included in the car’s comprehensive insurance plan.

In California, which single-vehicle accidents are compensable?

Some single-vehicle accidents are caused by the actions or negligence of someone other than the driver. In these cases, the victim of a single-vehicle accident can sue for financial compensation, including but not limited to the following:

  •  SUV rollover accident-Rollover accidents usually occur due to defects in the automobile’s design. These accidents are usually fatal due to roof crush. In this case, the car manufacturer is responsible for product defects. Cars manufactured following safety specifications will not tip over easily, and the roof is strong enough to withstand impacts, thereby protecting the lives of drivers and passengers in the vehicle.
  •  Road obstacles and unmarked hazards -obstructed or non-existent road signs can also lead to debilitating car wrecks. In this case, the entity responsible for maintaining the road is responsible. Objects in the middle of the road can also cause a vehicle collision, whether it’s an automatic part falling from another vehicle or cargo falling from a truck.
  • Malfunctioning auto parts-When the brakes, engine, or lights are not working properly, this may put the driver in danger. A collision caused by a vehicle defective component can be a reason for a personal injury lawsuit.

California Personal injury lawyer

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