Sea-Jay Cameron of Temecula was killed in a fatal car accident on the 215 Freeway on 17th March 2021. The 43-year-old was driving south on 215 Freeway in his Jetta when the Jetta suddenly steered left and crashed into a Ford F-150.

Due to the crash impact, the Jetta moved to the right and struck a light pole, it flipped over onto the dirt and grass area. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) responded immediately to the crash scene and found Sea-Jay Cameron critically injured, he was rushed to the Inland Valley Medical Center. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries shortly after being admitted.

Every year, the country witnesses millions of people suffering from injuries in car accidents, and thousands of them losing their lives. Car accidents can be distressing and completely life-altering. Fatal car accidents are devastating, leaving the families of the victims helpless and shattered.

Statistics show that in 2018 the country witnessed 33,654 fatal auto accidents. In 2017, Los Angeles County alone reported 92,020 cases of serious injury and fatal car accidents. Out of them, 7,271 accidents involved drunk drivers.

In 2018, 1,069 people lost their lives in car accidents involving alcohol impairment in California. Around 42% of the drivers killed in car accidents tested positive for drugs.

Over the years the number of freeway crashes has increased in California. Drunk driving, driving under influence of drugs, distracted driving are some of the common reasons for fatal car accidents on freeways and state highways. If you have lost your loved one in a fatal car accident, you may be finding it difficult to cope with your life.

It may be difficult handling the grief of losing a loved one and running from pillar to post to get compensation for the loss or damages suffered. Allowing reputable fatal car accident lawyer to represent you can help reduce the burden.

A fatal car accident lawyer has the knowledge and expertise to analyze the crash and determine who is responsible and liable for the accident. They can help you understand the situation and what options are available to you in the said circumstances.

How can a fatal car accident lawyer help?

There can be many instances under which car accidents can occur. Several accidents are a result of negligent or irresponsible behavior. After a fatal crash, an experienced personal injury lawyer can guide the family members and help them fight for justice.

The lawyer can help build a strong case representing the victim, so the family receives fair financial compensation for their loss. Receiving compensation may not help lessen the grief of losing a loved one but the compensation can help ease out the financial burden brought about by the accident.

What are the expenses and losses suffered by the family members in case of fatal car accidents?

After the death of a loved one in a car accident, the family struggles emotionally and financially. They are mentally disturbed and they have to handle several short-term and long-term expenses. Some of the common expenses and losses suffered by them are:

  • Cost of surgeries, hospitalization and medications incurred after the crash.
  • Funeral and burial expenses to give a decent farewell to their loved one
  • If the family was dependent on the wages, health insurance and other financial benefits of the deceased. Losing the person may result in the loss of the family income and other benefits.
  • The sudden absence of a loved one can be devastating and shattering. Loss of companionship and care can have a damaging impact on the physical, mental, and emotional health of the family members.
  • Bereavement and sorrow have a dire impact on the life of the family members. It can impact their ability to work and fulfill their obligations. The pain experienced can lead to a number of physical, emotional, financial, and social problems.

Reach out to a compassionate and experienced fatal car accident lawyer

Fatal car accidents on freeways and highways occur in different ways. Some accidents involve drivers driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Some accidents occur when the drivers are distracted by their phones or by something else while driving. Speeding, running red lights, reckless driving etc. also end up causing serious accidents. At times a mechanical problem in the vehicle like brake failure or tire burst also ends up in a tragic accident.

We at, Khashan Law are professional personal injury lawyers who have handled hundreds of fatal car accidents. We understand the grief of our clients and understand their mental state. We dedicatedly work with them, giving them personal attention, helping them in their fight for justice.  We become their advocates and work towards achieving the best possible outcome for their case.

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