A Sea-Doo (personal watercraft) capsized and overturned in Lake Elsinore on March 22nd, 2021. Three occupants of the vessel including one child were rescued by the firefighters.

The Firefighters, Lake Elsinore Station sheriff’s deputies and other emergency personnel responded immediately and began their rescue effort. As per the Riverside County Fire Department, the three victims were hospitalized and sustained minor injuries. It was not clear how the watercraft capsized and what led to the accident.

It is enjoyable to spend an afternoon lazing and bonding with family and friends on a boat. However, there can be instances where you end up sharing the waterways with boat operators who are irresponsible or reckless.

Their irresponsibility can lead to an unwanted accident causing serious injury or death. Irresponsible boat operators may drive under the influence of alcohol drugs or they may be driving their watercraft too fast.

There are instances when the boat operators are not trained or inexperienced which can endanger the lives of their passengers and people on other boats in the waterways.

Every year thousands of people get injured and hundreds of people lose their lives in watercraft or boating accidents. Boating accidents are particularly serious and frequent in California.

According to stats, around 900,000 water vessels like boats, watercrafts, Jet Ski, ferry etc. are registered in the state. Around 570 watercraft accidents were reported in 2010, resulting in 49 deaths and 283 injuries.

Whatever the reason may be for a boating accident disaster, they may end up causing serious injury or even loss of life. If you or your family members are victims of boating accidents caused due to the negligence of another boat operator, you deserve fair compensation for the damages suffered.

However, navigating the legal waters is difficult and would require the representation and assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer who specializes in handling boating accident cases.

Collecting and preserving evidence in boating accidents is important and at times very critical to prove the negligence of the other party.

It is important to determine the at fault party to be able to receive a fair compensation. Contact a professional boating accident lawyer who can handle your claim and ensure the necessary evidence is collected without any delay or mistake.

What compensation you are entitled in a boating accident?

If you or your family member was injured or lost their lives in a boating accident the family may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical bills, hospitalization, surgery cost etc.
  • Cost of therapy
  • Loss of wages or income
  • Physical and Psychological pain and suffering
  • Funeral and Burial expenses (in case of death)
  • Loss of consortium

What are some of the common types of boat accidents?

Some of the common boat accidents are

  • Slip and fall accident due to a wet surface
  • Multiple boats or watercrafts collisions
  • Boat fires
  • Boat capsizing or sinking
  • Falling off the watercraft
  • Death

Several boat accidents take place as a result of the reckless behavior of a boat operator or due to malfunctioning of the boat. Some of the common causes for boat accidents are:

  • Distracted operator
  • Inexperienced operator
  • Speeding
  • Driving under influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Overloading and improper loading
  • Not wearing safety equipment like life jackets

Whatever may be the situation or cause of the boating accident, if the negligence of the other party was the cause of the accident then a personal injury lawyer can protect you and help you receive your rightful compensation.

We are Boating Accident Lawyers who will ensure you receive your due compensation

Our team of lawyers at Khashan Law are extremely experienced in handling boating accident cases. We are a team of personal injury lawyers having experience of more than two decades.

We’re completely devoted to the well-being of our clients and we work towards ensuring that the insurance companies and other liable party provide them with the rightful compensation they deserve.

Right from filling the required claim forms to carefully investigating the accident to evaluating witness reports, we look into all the legal aspects of the case for our clients.

A boating accident can be tragic and have an adverse impact on the physical and emotional well-being of the victim and family members. The accidents can lead to a loss of income along with mounting medical expenses.

If you or your family member are victims of a boating accident on a California waterway, contact us at Khashan Law today for a free and fully confidential consultation.

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