41-year-old Bay area rapper Skye Nathan Branklyn, popularly known as “Sky Balla,” was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman at the Aria hotel-casino. Sky Balla was arrested on June 11 for sexual assault, the arrest report of the incident was released yesterday.

As per the report, the sexual assault nurse examiner at UMC Trauma, informed the Las Vegas police about the assault. The police were notified that the victim was badly injured and required surgery immediately.

When the police recorded the woman’s statement, she informed them that she had gone to the hotel-casino to meet a new acquaintance and met a person named “Sky” at a bar inside the hotel-casino. According to the woman they had some shots together after which she blacked out. When she woke up she was in severe pain and Sky was on top of her and “raping” her.

The woman stated that she yelled at Sky asking him to stop. After which he started punching her in the face until she blacked out again.  The next time she regained consciousness, the man was trying to force himself into her mouth.

According to the report, the victim claimed that she eventually crawled to the toilet in the room where there was blood splattered everywhere. She took a shower and hid in the bathroom for 2 hours with the lights off. After some time, she requested the man that she needed to go home and he called an Uber for her.

A few days after the assault when a friend of the victim contacted her she told her about the assault. The friend convinced the victim to visit the hospital as she was in a lot of pain.

After the hospital informed the police, the detectives searched on the internet for a person named Sky Balla. In the search results, they found several music videos matching the photo of the perpetrator provided by the victim.

On speaking with the security at the hotel-casino, they recovered Branklyn’s California driver’s license in the records. They also discovered the room where the assault happened, it had been declared a biohazard because of the blood.

During further investigations, the police discovered that Branklyn had been earlier convicted of sexual assault in California and was required to register as a sex offender.

Branklyn has been charged for sexual assault causing substantial bodily harm and battery with intent to commit sexual assault and more. He is currently held on $1 million bail at Clark County Detention Center. His next hearing in court is scheduled for July 13.

Sexual Assault California

Sexual assaults are heinous crimes that leave the victims traumatized and in shock. Victims of sexual assault and abuse are not only affected in the short term but they also suffer from psychological effects for years later.

Filing a sexual assault claim

There are two different judicial systems on sexual assualt in this country – criminal and civil. A criminal lawsuit is filed by a prosecutor against the defendant. If the defendant is found guilty of a sex crime, he or she may be imprisoned and fined.

Whereas under the civil judicial system, the survivors of a crime can bring about claims for monetary damages against the defendant. Even if the defendant is not found guilty in a criminal court, he or she may still be held liable to pay the victim compensation for the injuries or damages suffered.

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