A housekeeper working for Chris Brown has sued him for a vicious dog attack at his home in Tarzana, California. The woman has alleged that in December 2020 when she was attacked by Brown’s dog , he tried to cover up the attack when 911 was called.

In her complaint, the housekeeper who doesn’t want to be named stated that she was emptying trash outside the property when suddenly a giant dog attacked her and started tearing her skin. She claimed that Hades, a Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka, owned by Chris tore a chunk of meat from her face, arms, and body.

She also said that even if Chris and his staff were at home at the time of the attack, nobody came to help her even though she screamed for help and she lay in her pool of blood and Dog Bite injury was severe.

When Chris found her lying down injured and hurt, he allegedly instructed his staff to hide the dog and take him away before the police and paramedics arrived.

The injured woman was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Chris tried to evade and questions and tried to mislead the authorities. He told the police that he was not aware of what occurred and who took the dog away.

The woman claimed to have undergone major life-saving surgery for the injuries sustained and has suffered trauma that she cannot forget.  The housekeeper’s husband has also sued Chris for his wife’s loss of love and dating after the incident.

During the proceedings, the housekeeper has also alleged that a few weeks after the dog was found to be dangerous, Hades was euthanized by an animal shelter at the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

California Dog Bite Law for vicious dog attack

California is a “strict liability” state that holds the dog owners responsible for most of the dog-bite injuries or attacks. When an individual is attacked or bitten by a dog, they can sue the owner to get compensation for their damages.

Strict liability means the owners are held responsible whether they were aware of their dogs having bitten someone before. It means that the owners cannot bail themselves out saying they were unaware of the viciousness or dangerousness of their dog. The California dog bite law holds the owner strictly liable only if the injured person:

  • Was bitten by the owner’s dog, and
  • They were in a public place or lawfully present in a private place when the bite happened.

Any individual carrying out a legal duty like delivering mail is considered to be lawfully present on private property.

Deadline for Filing a California Dog Bite Lawsuit

A lawsuit filed for dog bite injuries is considered a personal injury lawsuit.  According to California’s statute of limitations on personal injury cases, a victim has two years to file a personal injury complaint in court for the injuries sustained. Any case filed after the two-year deadline has passed, would be mostly dismissed by the court.

California Dog Bite Attorney

In most dog bite cases the insurance adjusters are known to settle the cases for 10 to 20 percent of the real value of the dog bite injury case. It is the job of the insurance adjusters to reduce the value of the case. By hiring a professional dog bite attorney to represent your case can help you receive the proper compensation you deserve.

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