robbery and sexually assaulting a teen

The San Jose Police Department on Friday announced that they had arrested 36-year-old Angel Vasquez on August 23. He has been charged with crimes such as sexual assault of a minor, robbery, and kidnapping.

Vasquez has been held in Elmwood Men’s Prison without bail. According to the authorities, a few days before Vasquez was arrested, the boy contacted the police to report that he had been attacked by a man he had never met before.

Police said that the near location of the attack was a street in the Almaden Avenue area between West Virginia Street and Willow.

Child Abuse in California Can Be Any of the following:

  • Caused physical harm to children by another person through non-accidental means.
  • Sexual abuse, assault, or exploitation of children.
  • The negligent treatment or abuse of the child by the person in charge of the child’s welfare in the event of an indication of injury or threat of harm to the child’s health or welfare. This is whether the injury or threat of injury comes from the action or omission of the person responsible.
  •  Intentionally harming or endangering the person or health of children, any cruel corporal punishment, or any injury that leads to a traumatic situation

What Constitutes Child Sexual abuse in California?

Allegations and prosecutions of child Sexual abuse are very strict in California. The law criminalizes having to engage in sexual acts with a child under 18 years of age.

Depending on the age of the minor and the nature of the sexual contact, the consequences may include charges of misdemeanour and felony charges of life imprisonment.

The different types of crimes under Child abuse include :

  • Touching for sexual intentions or making the child touch themselves for sexual satisfaction.
  •  Perform any type of oral sex on a child.
  •  Sending obscene media to minors for sexual arousal or seduction.
  •  Harassment is motivated by a child’s sexual interest.
  •  Having sex with a child. The term “minor” has a distinctive feature in the regulations.

How can victims of child sexual misconduct seek justice?

There is no doubt that after experiencing child sexual abuse, it is extremely difficult to overcome the trauma and muster the courage to come forward. Fortunately, the extension of the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse lawsuits in California gives survivors more time to do so.

Our Khashan law firm can help children who have been abused in California get justice and due compensation. We can help file lawsuits against people and organizations that failed to protect children or report suspected abuse.

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