A legal complaint has been filed in Riverside Superior Court against Be Good Temecula Restaurant & Experience for allegedly tolerating and discouraging customers from sexually harassing and assaulting high school girls who worked there.

On this sexual assault of teen employees police took quick action and Lockup Criminals for intolerable behaviour. Action will be taken as per workplace sexual harassment lawsuits.

Be Good Temecula Restaurant & Experience is an Old Town Temecula restaurant and bar that allegedly hired friendly, attractive underage girls as hostesses in the bar. According to the complaint the girls were required to wear tight clothes and serve alcohol to drunk patrons.

The patrons used to regularly harass the girls, passed lewd remarks, propositioned them whereby creating a hostile work environment for them.

The complainant alleges that on numerous occasions the patrons sexually assaulted the girls and stalked them at work and after their shifts by following them to their cars. When the employees complained to the managers, they were told to carry weapons to protect themselves.

The bar’s bouncer also refused to escort the girls to their cars.

The complaint has been filed by a former hostess who worked at the bar when she was 17 years old. She stated that the girls were often groped and subjected to lewd remarks. Even after the girls complained the patrons were allowed to remain on the premises.

On Sept. 5, 2020, Abraham Casillas of Chandler, Arizona, was at the bar with a group. He was passing lewd comments at the hostesses and also asked one of the girls to take part in a threesome with him and his wife. He tried to grab the hostesses, touch them or hug them without their permission.

The plaintiff claims he grabbed her and digitally penetrated her through her pants. After the incident, the manager expelled Casillas and asked the plaintiff to return to work in the restaurant. The teenager said she was traumatized and spent the rest of her shift crying.

On being contacted regarding the complaint, Anthony Bennett, the owner of Be Good replied in an email that the restaurant was reinvestigating the incident and would release a statement after the investigation is completed.

Casillas has been named as the defendant in the complaint. The complaint has also alleged that Be Good’s management refused to involve the police after the assault. The girl’s father has filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages.

The California law requires those serving alcohol to be 21 years old. Be Good allegedly violated the law and also made its high school employees work longer than permitted under state law. They had also violated coronavirus pandemic safety precautions.

Sexual Assault and Abuse

Sexual assault and abuse are heinous crimes that leave the victims traumatized and helpless for the rest of their lives. Most sexual assault victims live with the agony and psychological effects way after the incident happened.

Sexual assault victims should come forward and file a claim against the perpetrator, ensuring they are penalized and punished.

Sexual assault lawsuit

A sexual assault can be filed under two different justice systems in the country. Under the criminal justice system, the prosecutor determines whether the person is guilty of a sex crime. If found guilty the person may be imprisoned and/or fined.

 Under the civil justice system, sexual assault survivors can bring forward claims for monetary damages against the defendant. Even if the perpetrator is not found guilty in criminal court, they may be still held liable to pay for the injuries and damages suffered.

The guilty may be ordered to pay compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages, pain, suffering, mental trauma etc.

Sexual Assault Lawyers California

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