87-year-old killed in a hit and run accident in Fresno County

On 10th July, Saturday afternoon two people were seriously hurt in a hit and run accident on the National Trails Highway. At around 12.45 pm the car accident occurred along Route 66 near Robinson Ranch Road / Polish Lane. A silver colored 4-door sedan and a golden 4-door sedan were supposedly involved in the crash.

When the San Bernardino County firefighters arrived at the scene, they found one victim trapped inside a car and two injured passengers at the site. The firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life to rescue the trapped female passenger from the golden sedan.

As per the statement provided by the witnesses, the driver of the other vehicle fled the scene, leaving behind an injured male passenger in the car. Firefighters called in two helicopters that were asked to land in a nearby field, they airlifted two victims to out-of-area trauma centers.

Jenette Schade commented in the Life in Helendale/Silver Lakes, CA Facebook group that the driver responsible for the crash was under the influence of marijuana and not able to drive straight. Another member of the group, Jeffrey Schade stated that he was in the 3rd car back from the hit car and that the driver was not trying to pass.

He said that the driver did not stay in his lane and just drove straight over the curved road. The car smelt of weed and after the crash, the at-fault driver of the silver car got out and yelled that he was ok. He got out of the car and ran towards the train tracks into the desert, leaving behind an injured male passenger in his car.

The National Trails Highway was shut down while the California Highway Patrol Victorville station investigated the crash.


Hit and Run Accident case in California

Generally, people believe that hit and run accidents occur when a vehicle hits someone and speeds away. Though this situation is indeed a hit and run, according to California laws even if a person stops their vehicle after hitting someone but fails to provide contact information or identify themselves. The person can still be accused of a hit and run.

The law is applicable regardless of which driver was at fault or the extent of the damages or the severity of injuries.


California Vehicle Codes

As per California Vehicle Code 20000 – 20010, an individual can be accused of a hit and run if they fail to do the following after an accident:
• Immediately stop the vehicle
• Provide their name and address
• Provide the driver’s license and vehicle registration information when requested
• Provide a written report of the accident

In California, the severity of a collision of accident or injuries determines the criminal consequences for any hit and run accident. A hit and run are charged with a misdemeanor if the accident resulted only in property damage.

The possible penalties for a misdemeanor are:
• Up to six months imprisonment in a county jail
• Fine up to $1,000
• Two points against the driver’s license
If the accident causes injuries or death, then the hit and run are considered a felony. The possible penalties for a felony are:
• Two to Four years imprisonment
• Fine up to $10,000
• Two points against the driver’s license

The penalties may increase if the accident occurred while driving under influence or driving without a license. If you or your family member has been a victim of a hit-and-run accident you can get in touch with our team of professional car accident lawyers at Khashan Law Firm.

We will study your case and help you obtain just compensation for the injuries and property damage suffered. In hit and run cases when a driver is absconding, obtaining compensation can become complicated. If the at-fault driver can be identified, a lawsuit can be brought against that individual.

There are legal options when the fleeing driver is not apprehended or not found, our experienced hit-and-run accident lawyers can help negotiate with your insurance company and even litigate the case if they fail to offer you a fair settlement. Contact us at 951.461.2387 for a free and confidential consultation.