A 59-year-old Oroville man was killed in train accident after being hit by an oncoming train near Yuba City. California highway patrol (CHP) said that the 1999 Nissan Sentra was driving through a railroad crossing when it was struck on by an oncoming Union Pacific train as he tried to cross the tracks.

At around 9:05 p.m. on Monday 3rd May, the driver of Nissan Sentra was killed on the spot after being ejected from the car post the train crash.

CHP confirmed that the driver drove through the railroad crossing arms, which were down and working properly. The Clark Road had to be shut down for several hours as the crew of Union Pacific checked the train and cars, and cleared up the debris.

Every year the Unites States witnesses hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries in Train accidents. Due to the enormous size of the trains and the great speed at which they are travelling, train crash with cars or trucks end up in catastrophic accidents. Most of these tragic accidents are completely preventable but occur due to negligence.

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Who can be sued after a train accident in California?

It is important to prove liability in any personal injury or wrongful death case. To successfully claim compensation in a train accident case one needs to prove that the at-fault party/s owed a duty of care and they breached that duty of care and this breach of duty resulted in the injury or loss suffered.

The duty of care may be breached by the at-fault party intentionally or by negligence. In most train wreck cases, the crash is a result of negligence as the liable parties did not intend to cause the accident.

The parties who can be sued after a train accident are determined by the cause of the crash.

  • A Company owning or operating the trains can be held liable for damages if they fail to maintain the rail cars, trains, and equipment. They can be held responsible if the employees hired by them for operating the trains lack the necessary qualifications and skills.
  • They can also be liable if they failed to provide appropriate training or supervision to the employees.
  • Manufacturer of train parts can be held liable if the train crash was a result of a manufacturing defect in the train or its parts.
  • Drivers of other vehicles can be held liable if they drive in front of the train by breaking the signal or if they leave their vehicle on the track causing the crash.

Experienced Train accident representation

Train accident cases are difficult to handle, a professional lawyer needs to undertake extensive accident reconstruction work to prove negligence and liability of the concerned parties.

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